Radio Jingles To Help Save Pets' Lives
       Putting homeless pets in the spotlight
               so animal shelters can find them homes.

                           Copyright 2005 & 2006 Nan Havens


Address all correspondence to Nan Havens, 5330 E. 5000 N. Road, Bourbonnais, IL  60914.  Phone & Fax:  815-933-7269
                           E-mail:  [email protected]
My name is Nan Havens.  I'm an animal lover--cats, dogs and about anything with four legs.  My husband and I presently own three cats and two dogs.  Two of the cats wandered into our lives; the third is from an animal shelter.  One of our dogs is from our local humane society, and the other one was dumped as a puppy in our small rural town.  They're like family, and we love them.  As a matter of fact, three of our pets are at the top of this webpage in the colored photos.  At the top left, Zack, our white American Eskimo, is lying next to Mimi, our black indoor/outdoor cat.  It's a strange love affair, but it works!  Lizzie is at the right side in the middle.  She's a Schnauzer cross, and we would be lost without her.  She is love on four fuzzy feet!

Let me explain what I'm trying to do to help animal welfare groups.  I own Song Haven Recording, a recording studio my husband and I run from our home.  Since I'm a BMI songwriter, I have written several radio jingles designed to help animal welfare groups try to save the lives of homeless cats and dogs that end up in their care. The jingles I write are also designed to educate the public about spaying or neutering their pets.  If you decide to license one of my radio jingles, I have decided to keep the license fee very low--only $60.  The license is set up so you can either play the jingle on your local radio station, play it at any of your local events, or use it as an on-hold message on your phone line at your shelter.

The first
60-second radio jingle I wrote is called "Cats & Kittens & Puppies & Dogs."  The license to use this jingle is only $60.00 for your group.  In order that this radio jingle doesn't bleed over into another group's licensing area, each animal welfare group that pays for the license must be about 100 miles apart.  In case more than one group wants the same jingle but they are too close together, I have written two more 60-second jingles to choose from. One is called "If You Love Your Dog or Cat, Be Responsible," and the other is called "Four-Legged Furry Friends." ALL THREE JINGLES CAN BE CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR GROUP--name, phone number and other pertinent information that will fit into a 60-second time slot.  Both of the last two jingles have been used in Arizona. 

"Cats & Kittens & Puppies & Dogs" has a very catchy tune, and the singer uses an Al Jolson kind of voice to make it even more unique.  When you hear it, you'll instantly start humming it to yourself, just like the rest of your radio audience who will hear it.  As of 2005, this jingle was being used by several animal welfare groups in Illinois and Georgia.

If you'd like to hear a sample of "Cats & Kittens & Puppies & Dogs," call me or send me an e-mail, and I will mail you the presentation CD FREE OF CHARGE.  YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO ORDER ANYTHING EVEN IF YOU GET THE CD AND DECIDE NOT TO LICENSE THE RADIO AD.  I'm trying to help groups like yours so I am doing this out of my own pocket.  Please help me spread the word to other animal shelters.  Please copy and paste my website address below and send it in an e-mail to other shelters you know of who would benefit by having a radio jingle to advertise how they are helping homeless pets.  I REALLY WANT TO HELP.

Let's stop innocent animals from dying in shelters!  My husband and I love our dogs and cats, and every animal deserves a home where someone loves and cares for them.  Please help me spread the word about Project "Animal Save."  By typing my website address (below) into your e-mail and forwarding it to all your animal friends, you are taking yet another step in helping homeless animals.  When you send it to others,  ask them to forward it on too. 

Thank you for your support.  My contact information is below to the right.  My website address is here in red print.   Please forward it to anyone you know who can help spread the word:
Contact Information:
Nan Havens, Song Haven Recording,
5330 E. 5000 N. Road,
Bourbonnais, Illinois  60914
Phone and Fax:  815-933-7269
If you'd like to see a picture of my husband and I
in our studio, please click here.
Please click here to send
me an e-mail.
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