EViL MiERDA: sup
ND 4monkey: dude, why is it that you always IM me right when I am about to sign off?
EViL MiERDA: Cuz you suck...
ND 4monkey: lol
ND 4monkey: Whats iup?
EViL MiERDA: nadda... just thought id say hey... but since ur signin off n e way... lol
ND 4monkey: nah i'll stick aroiund for a few
EViL MiERDA: so whats been new man... havent talked to ya since ya graduated and got the hell outta sb
ND 4monkey: 1Dont want to to pass up an oppurtunity to say how toa friend
ND 4monkey: i is a working man now
ND 4monkey: be in at 730 get off at 430
EViL MiERDA: Chris be rollin in the g... what cha doin now workin man
ND 4monkey: 9 hour days
EViL MiERDA: thats cool..
ND 4monkey: but i am having fun so the day is rolling along
EViL MiERDA: beats cafe work 2 hrs.. and maybe get 10 dolla.. lol
EViL MiERDA: well what do ya do...
ND 4monkey: right now i am workin g for the jag office
ND 4monkey: so i help the lawyers out
EViL MiERDA: sweat... are ya in cali or back home?
ND 4monkey: lots of fun
EViL MiERDA: thats cool... how much ya makin?
ND 4monkey: about 3k a month
ND 4monkey: when you factor in the extra pays
ND 4monkey: (food and housing )
EViL MiERDA: well I guess goin to college really does pay off... lol
ND 4monkey: whys that?
EViL MiERDA: I dunno... you know me... say stuff that doesnt make sense... lol
ND 4monkey: i could make more catering that many hours a month
EViL MiERDA: right...
ND 4monkey: 45 hours a week times 11 an hour equals 490 a month
EViL MiERDA: you mean a week...
ND 4monkey: yeah
EViL MiERDA: I was gonna say... I make more then you times 5 if thats how much ya make in a month...
EViL MiERDA: lol
EViL MiERDA: and then some...
ND 4monkey: works out 1960 a month but with catering you would plus you get overtime
ND 4monkey: there is no overtime in the military
ND 4monkey: cause i really work 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year
EViL MiERDA: lol there's no such things as sleepin into 2pm for you anymore...
ND 4monkey: so when you factor all that in
EViL MiERDA: that bites... but at least ur gettin $$
ND 4monkey: i make little
ND 4monkey: yes
EViL MiERDA: lil $$ is better then I guess...
ND 4monkey: more money then I am spending right now at least
EViL MiERDA: I can relate... all mine goes to bills
ND 4monkey: anyhow
ND 4monkey: we'll have to talk an other time
ND 4monkey: i am getting sleepy
ND 4monkey: (i hgate morning starts)
EViL MiERDA: alright.. nobody wants to work with a grumpy ass... get to bed! i'll talk to ya soon...
EViL MiERDA: I know... me too..
ND 4monkey: good talking to you, though only briefly
EViL MiERDA: ditto
EViL MiERDA: cya later man..

Auto response from ND 4monkey: A customer called the airline's reservation office to pay for his ticket with a credit card. The reservation specialist asked him,

"Would you please spell the name as it appears on the card, sir?"

The customer carefully replied, "V-I-S-A."

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