evil mierda: Hey... did your dad talk to ND about the whole money issue..?
ND 4monkey: lets say that its gonna be a long battle
evil mierda: What happened?
ND 4monkey: i talked with him/them earlier today
ND 4monkey: not much but I was told by some friends that if you keep fighting it, the university might back down
ND 4monkey: so i will
evil mierda: So they took every penny? You have no cash at all?
ND 4monkey: nah they havent touched it yet
ND 4monkey: what will happen is i'll pay them later in the year if they dont budge
evil mierda: thats bull shit..
evil mierda: I know..
evil mierda: Burn down Seigfriend and tell them to leave your damn money alone. Do you think they'd listen then?
evil mierda: Siegfried* or however ya spell it lol
ND 4monkey: thats right ... yeah maybe I will
evil mierda: Mine as well..
evil mierda: What are you doing tomorrow..?
ND 4monkey: work and tutoring someone till about 6 or 7
ND 4monkey: after that i am free
evil mierda: call me.... annnnnd we'll go do something. And I'll pay for you. I mean I don't want you to get in trouble for not spending your money on school or something..
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: And... I'll bring some gasoline.. and some matches.. and we can say to hell with ND! lol
ND 4monkey: haha
ND 4monkey: sounds good cept Ill pay my own way
ND 4monkey: I aint Jewish
ND 4monkey: like this school
ND 4monkey: actually i am part Jewish
evil mierda: Sure ya are! You could sport a yamaca.. and you could ask Kristi if you could wear it while working in the back.
evil mierda: You could get lots of compliments..
evil mierda: well there ya go! See!
ND 4monkey: actually if i sport a yamaca, kristi cant say anything
ND 4monkey: its my religious right
evil mierda: Yeah.. and if she does.. you can always piss her off by burning crosses by her office window!
ND 4monkey: lol
ND 4monkey: whats with you and fire today?
evil mierda: Bad day at work.
evil mierda: HEY! Then after we burn down some of ND.. and Grace.. we can stop by the hotel.
evil mierda: lol
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: When are you coming back after leavin for home..?
ND 4monkey: 23thish of aug
evil mierda: Why so early.. I thought seniors came back later...
ND 4monkey: my sister cory is a frosh
evil mierda: Yeah thats what she was saying when I saw her in Nov.
evil mierda: Sweat.. is she gonna be workin at cafe too?
ND 4monkey: maybe
evil mierda: sweet*
evil mierda: Whats that girls name that took my moms spot..?
ND 4monkey: Pam or Paula they both started together
evil mierda: Pam, that's right. I worked with Paula on my last day.
ND 4monkey: Paula works everyday, Pam is on vacation but works less during the summer (she works alot during the school year)
evil mierda: Ok.. then I got em mixed up.. I was thinkin of Paula... anyway.. just curious.. my mom wanted to know.
ND 4monkey: y?
evil mierda: have no idea.. she was askin me this morning about it.. I said I'd ask you.
ND 4monkey: cool
evil mierda: Too bad you weren't goin home this weekend, you could go to chicago with me. We're goin to great america two days.
ND 4monkey: cool have fun
ND 4monkey: I went to cedar point last month
ND 4monkey: it was a blast
evil mierda: Oh I see how it is... didnt call didnt nothin.. uh huh.. I see.
ND 4monkey: lol
ND 4monkey: I was invited last minute because someone else backout and they had an extra seat
ND 4monkey: so dont go all crazy on me
evil mierda: excuses excuses...
evil mierda: yeah yeah
ND 4monkey: serious though
evil mierda: its all good.
ND 4monkey: it better be
evil mierda: dude... whats it like now.. walkin into a bar and being able to stay there..? lol
ND 4monkey: it sucks actually ... no thrill of getting way with it
evil mierda: you drunk ass... lol you go to the bar all the time now, dont ya?
ND 4monkey: no bout once a fortnight
evil mierda: lol
ND 4monkey: (thats 2 weeks)
evil mierda: And in between the two weeks, yous top at Kristi's for a free beer.. I know how you are.
ND 4monkey: lol actually i havent never been to kristis
ND 4monkey: it will increase when the real year starts
ND 4monkey: and everyone is back
evil mierda: hmm really? thats funny.. what about the time we took Jordan to see Harry Potter..?
evil mierda: yeah no kidding!
evil mierda: lol
ND 4monkey: jonah not jordan
evil mierda: thats right..
ND 4monkey: we dropped him off at teh door thats as close i've been
evil mierda: lol i was just teasin dude
ND 4monkey: no you werent...meany
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: was so.. you just have emotional problems.. and have difficulties coping with being made fun of. lol
ND 4monkey: no i dont meany
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: Do so.. I mean, I wouldn't doubt it if you were cryin now. Kristi told me you got problems when someone makes fun of you OR the mets. lol
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: Hey.. I gotta get goin.. call me tomorrow..?
ND 4monkey: alright
ND 4monkey: talk to to you soon
evil mierda: talk at ya later.. cya
ND 4monkey: adios
ND 4monkey: peace
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