ND 4monkey: this is a jewish school
evil mierda: so go out and buy a yamaca and be a part of the crowd...
evil mierda: ud could sport a yamaca lol
ND 4monkey: i have
evil mierda: whats up
ND 4monkey: all the money I make this summer, they took it
evil mierda: nuh uh!
evil mierda: why!
evil mierda: ??
ND 4monkey: "you should be spending your money on school, so we are cutting your fininacial aid by that amount"
evil mierda: so... it was your parents that took it.. oooooor nd? lol
ND 4monkey: ND
evil mierda: that bs
ND 4monkey: yup
evil mierda: isnt there anything u can do bout it?
ND 4monkey: they gave it to me and then charged me for it
ND 4monkey: my dad is looking into it... i'll probably appeal the package
evil mierda: Whatd u spendyr money on..? beer? lol
ND 4monkey: i was planning on using it to buy a computer
evil mierda: how much did you have?
ND 4monkey: at the end of the summer i should have 2 grand
ND 4monkey: just under
evil mierda: well then that sux!
evil mierda: im sorry
evil mierda: You're workin for the $$ u should be able to do what u want with it.. I mean cmon..
ND 4monkey: exactly... plus i signed an agreement and now they want to change the agreement cause they know how much I make in my summer job
ND 4monkey: its like why should I work here if they are just gonna take the money ... had I worked anywhere else, they wouldnt have known about my money
evil mierda: ok.. so? I can see if they gave you the money or somethin. But thats just BS that they took it. When is your dad talkin to them? You should just tell em you were saving up for a computer that you could use for school
evil mierda: yea.. that bs
ND 4monkey: I intend to
evil mierda: When's your dad talkin to them?
ND 4monkey: on the phone
evil mierda: no.. I mean when.. lol not how
evil mierda: ??
ND 4monkey: tommorrow
evil mierda: hopefully you'll get it back.. what else is new with you?
evil mierda: Sorry I havent called you, I've been kinda busy and I figured you've been busy hanging out with the 21+ crowd lol
ND 4monkey: hey I have run talk to you soone
evil mierda: ok.. give me a call before I leave for chicago.. we'll do somethin
ND 4monkey: l you about it later (going to a game now)
ND 4monkey: alright
ND 4monkey: see you then
evil mierda: cya
ND 4monkey signed off at 7:37:07 PM.
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