ND 4monkey: yo
EVIL MIERDA: Hey dude!!! What's up?
ND 4monkey: not much you?
EVIL MIERDA: Nadda.. goin through E-Mails..
ND 4monkey: cool cool
EVIL MIERDA: What's been goin on with you?
EVIL MIERDA: Anything new?
ND 4monkey: not a whole lot
ND 4monkey: just chillen mostly
ND 4monkey: you?
EVIL MIERDA: Bout the same. Been busy.. hangin out on the weekends and shit. How's summer goin for you so far? Are ya bored yet? lol
ND 4monkey: a little there is nothing to do in this town
EVIL MIERDA: No really? lol Why do you think I wanna leave so bad. Go somewhere that actually has some COOL places to go.
ND 4monkey: fair enough
EVIL MIERDA: You could hang out with Kristi. Go with her to the women's football tryouts. Now that's fun!
ND 4monkey: lol
EVIL MIERDA: Whens your birthday..?
ND 4monkey: 17th
EVIL MIERDA: Which do you like...? Bud, Bud Light, Corona..? lol
ND 4monkey: guiness
EVIL MIERDA: Throwin a party?
ND 4monkey: dont know yet
EVIL MIERDA: Is Adam comin out for your bday?
ND 4monkey: dont know maybe
EVIL MIERDA: That'd be cool if he did..
EVIL MIERDA: Did you get your manager job.. mr puppet master..?
ND 4monkey: yeah
EVIL MIERDA: No way! Sweet!
EVIL MIERDA: I don't know how you can handle working at cafe, and at Seigfried with bein the puppet master and all....
ND 4monkey: lol
ND 4monkey: there is noone around currently so being the puppet master is easy
EVIL MIERDA: Do you by chance, know what time Kristi comes in in the morning?
ND 4monkey: 6 or 7
ND 4monkey: i think
EVIL MIERDA: Cool! See this way you can let off a stink bomb in the stairway and noone would know!
EVIL MIERDA: What cha doin this weekend
ND 4monkey: wprking almuni weekend
ND 4monkey: thurs to sun
ND 4monkey: you?
EVIL MIERDA: Its alumni weekend?
ND 4monkey: yup
EVIL MIERDA: I'm not sure.. Wanna go out this weekend. Get paid on Thurs. Im not sure if I have to work. I'm getting SICK of the hotel. lol
ND 4monkey: hey I 'll give you a call when I figure out which hours I am working but I have to run so I'll talk to you tommorrow
EVIL MIERDA: Ok.. cya man!
ND 4monkey: peace
ND 4monkey signed off at 4:18:30 PM.
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