ND 4monkey: when are we going?
EVIL MIERDA: what night is good for u?
ND 4monkey: sat or sun
ND 4monkey: or mon
EVIL MIERDA: Your finals are tomorrow, right?
ND 4monkey: one at 1030
EVIL MIERDA: Ok, then how about Saturday?
ND 4monkey: what time?
EVIL MIERDA: I dunno.. I don't know what the times are on Saturday.
ND 4monkey: ok
EVIL MIERDA: Maybe 8, 8:30? Not sure. Unless u got somethin goin on, we could go on Monday..
ND 4monkey: I got nothing
EVIL MIERDA: ok.. well, probably Saturday night. I'll give you a call.. did you get my e-mail?
ND 4monkey: what email?
EVIL MIERDA: I sent u an email askin if u wanted a summer job.. lol
EVIL MIERDA: u workin for kristi this summer?
ND 4monkey: yeah
ND 4monkey:
(second question)

ND 4monkey: what kinda of job?
EVIL MIERDA: catering
ND 4monkey: maybe... I have to see what my schedule is like
EVIL MIERDA: how much does Kristi have u at hourly?
ND 4monkey: no idea
ND 4monkey: I dont look at the stub
EVIL MIERDA: Well.. with however your schedule is, they can work around it.
EVIL MIERDA: You dont know how much u make? lol
EVIL MIERDA: u could be makin like 4.25
ND 4monkey: no its more then that I figured it out once and it was good money for a campus job and then she gave me a raise so its even better
EVIL MIERDA: oh well.. if u need some extra cash, let me know. I can probably get you in at 8 an hr.
ND 4monkey: cool stuff... Ill let you know
EVIL MIERDA: whats goin on..?
ND 4monkey: nothing new
ND 4monkey: you?
EVIL MIERDA: nadda.. have the whole weekend off, woohoo
ND 4monkey: cool shit
EVIL MIERDA: I saw Kristi when I was in.. she said hi! lol I was like.. woah
ND 4monkey: lol
EVIL MIERDA: what are u gonna do with your spare time this summer? Id get pretty bored on campus all summer..
ND 4monkey: wgo off campus... chicago , detriot, indiapolis, minnesota
ND 4monkey: stuff like that
EVIL MIERDA: chicagos cool.. indianapolis is even better.. stuff is cheaper down there.
EVIL MIERDA: Are any of your roommates stayin for the summer?
ND 4monkey: nope
EVIL MIERDA: ahhh dorm to yourself.. ha thats cool!
ND 4monkey: yup
EVIL MIERDA: I'm gonna get outta here.. I'll call u on Saturday.
ND 4monkey: alright talk to oyu later
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