ND 4monkey: whatup?
evil mierda: Hey!! What's goin on?
ND 4monkey: i am in the process of killing a few people
ND 4monkey: but other then that not much
evil mierda: Ok? So how many more days to I have before you kill me?
ND 4monkey: um depends
evil mierda: lol what's the matter?
ND 4monkey: nothing just playing around
evil mierda: lol ok... What's new? How've ya been?
ND 4monkey: good went to indianapolis last weekend
evil mierda: Indianapolis is cool! Did you go down there to visit family?
ND 4monkey: yup
ND 4monkey: my aunt uncle and their 8 kids
evil mierda: who lives down there again?
evil mierda: nevermind lol
ND 4monkey: lots of fun
evil mierda: Your family has too many kids..
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: lo
evil mierda: whatd ya do down there?
ND 4monkey: played games with the fam
evil mierda: thats cool. I love Indianapolis
ND 4monkey: NYC is far superior
evil mierda: I was gonna do to chicago this weekend.. but turns out I cant go. gotta work
evil mierda: I'd love to go to NYC.. Im goin sometime soon
ND 4monkey: cool
evil mierda: hows emira and everybody doin?
ND 4monkey: good
ND 4monkey: we are all have a blast
evil mierda: at cafe?
ND 4monkey: oh yeah
ND 4monkey: we have a party all the time
evil mierda: yeah a blast makin chicken caesar wraps
evil mierda: yeah ok.. party.. I worked there once lol
evil mierda: I ran into some chick that works in grace on friday when I was out.. and she said cafe's "gone to hell"
evil mierda: so unless Kristi's servin beer in the back..
evil mierda: then yanno.. whatever lol
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: but if she's servin beer.. then I want my job back
ND 4monkey: then you better start beggin
evil mierda: sure.. I'll ask for my job back when Kristi leaves..
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: go back and hang out with mitz
evil mierda: Mitz is my bud
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: but for real.. some beer and u could bring your ozzy cds.. and that'd be a party
evil mierda: cuz like im sure your cd player is still sittin in the back
ND 4monkey: it would be
evil mierda: So whats been goin on with you? No conflicts with the police?
ND 4monkey: no
evil mierda: wow
ND 4monkey: been hanging out
evil mierda: dude im like shocked..
ND 4monkey: i see how it is
evil mierda: lol
evil mierda: I should come in and harrass you guys soon.
ND 4monkey: do it but get her to serve you
evil mierda: Kristi or Emira?
ND 4monkey: your pick
evil mierda: Well, I could order a Stir Fry.. this way Emira will HAVE TO make my food.
ND 4monkey: (although unless its stir fry emira probably wont)
evil mierda: lol
evil mierda: or better yet I could buy a bag of chips and not have to worry who the hell serves me
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: but yanno.. a bag of chips at cafe de grasta is just a lil over 5.00
evil mierda: what cha doin this weekend?
ND 4monkey: my sis is coming in
evil mierda: which one?
ND 4monkey: older
evil mierda: Danielle?
ND 4monkey: yup
evil mierda: thats cool.
evil mierda: So what do you got planned for her?
ND 4monkey: not much
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: gee.. that sounds soooo exciting lol
ND 4monkey: yup
evil mierda: well u could take her out for lunch at the dining hall.. and theeen you could play baseball by the library and see if you guys can bust a window
evil mierda: thats always cool
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: And you're good at that too.. Throw a party like you did when Corrine and Adam came out.
ND 4monkey: doubtful
evil mierda: just like get some vodka and mix it in with coke or somethin. That way like nobody will know you're drinkin until like Adam yells "COKE IS FUCKIN GOD!" or somethin..
evil mierda: But I gotta get goin.. Gotta be up early
ND 4monkey: lol
ND 4monkey: ok talk to you later then
evil mierda: cya :-)
ND 4monkey: peace
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