ND 4monkey: so did you get the job or what?
evil mierda: No. They're waiting to see if this one dude wants to interview me again. I think.
evil mierda: I just don't like to talk about it with Kristi around.
ND 4monkey: cool
evil mierda: What's up?
ND 4monkey: not much
evil mierda: Shouldn't you be outside deliberately trying to break windows of the library?
ND 4monkey: you?
ND 4monkey: lol
ND 4monkey: yeah i guess
evil mierda: Nothin really. Just really bored.
evil mierda: Well, that's what i thought you did in your sparetime. You sure are in trouble with the police a lot.
ND 4monkey: lol
ND 4monkey: i am not telling you that story until this weekend earliest
evil mierda: That's fine. I mean if I want the story before this weeked, I can always watch COPs. That's not a problem.
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: So, the question is. Were they really grouchy while taking your mug shot?
ND 4monkey: lol
ND 4monkey: no details
evil mierda: What do you wanna do this weekend?
ND 4monkey: no idea
evil mierda: Why are you saying no details. Dude you're on COPs! You're famous!
evil mierda: I should like tape it and keep it as black mail.
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: And here your Dad's a cop. And that one night you were talkin bout flashin your Dads ID around NY. I mean I'd think that would help!
evil mierda: for real though.. whats goin on in cafe? How's Emira doin?
ND 4monkey: alright she was surprised laurie didnt come back
ND 4monkey: lancie was the first ot tell her
evil mierda: I bet it's kinda weird without Laurie.
evil mierda: I mean all the times I come in, it's real quiet.
ND 4monkey: you too
ND 4monkey: i dont know everything is quiet..too quiet
evil mierda: Nah. I was just there to slab down some chicken and complain about coming in early.
evil mierda: that sucks
ND 4monkey: we had this high school kid for 2 weeks but he got in trouble with his school and hasnt been back since
evil mierda: was he a part of that program?
ND 4monkey: yup
evil mierda: Well then that sux.
ND 4monkey: so now its down to me as the only guy there
evil mierda: Well, I could E-Mail Kristi and be all chip and funny and ask for my job back.
evil mierda: But I dont think she'd give it back to me.
evil mierda: But oh well
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: But she'd be like "Your new hours are Mon-Fri 230PM-3:00PM"
evil mierda: rock on man. Thats a dream schedule!
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: I should be rollin in like 5 dollars weekly.
ND 4monkey: more like 2:59:59 -3:00:00
evil mierda: lol
evil mierda: yeah really.
evil mierda: I wonder how much Id have left after taxes
ND 4monkey: .00002cents
evil mierda: Well.. I could spend my pay check on like those itty bitty totsi rolls
evil mierda: I mean that would be cool.
evil mierda: Save up monthly and buy a bunch!
ND 4monkey: lol
evil mierda: Well.. you like to do the fryer. So there's really no point in coming back.
ND 4monkey: no i dont
evil mierda: Tell Kristi you dont wanna do it. Well, you can't do that cuz you'd be screwed out of hours like I would. And then we'd probably be making about the same.
ND 4monkey: its not a big deal... just that i don have enough time to do it (i have from 930 -1000 to get it done)
evil mierda: screw that. She should have someone else do it.
ND 4monkey: now at least she drains it beofer i get there so it goes quicker but still i dont do as good a job as i would like to.
evil mierda: Well, she's makin you do it cuz you're the only guy there now.
ND 4monkey: i know
evil mierda: But hey look at the bright side.. you have the bread to cut! lol
ND 4monkey: and the paninis and the grill/ fried food all before i leave at 1100
evil mierda: Are you still coming in at 9?
ND 4monkey: 930
evil mierda: ahh..
evil mierda: Well fryer day is sure fun for you!
ND 4monkey: hey g2g talk to you later
ND 4monkey: yes it is
evil mierda: Ok cool.. cya
ND 4monkey: peace out
evil mierda: yep
ND 4monkey signed off at 10:34:09 PM.
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