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Sheyenne Social Club is a non-profit organization designed explicitly for the purpose of helping others who have the desire to express another gender. The Club does not discriminate against any gender role, whether it be male to female or female to male, whether it be for the sole purpose of dressing as the opposite gender or for the purpose of a gender change eventually becoming reality. The club is here to help.

Sheyenne Social Club provides a variety of services for our members;There are periodic meetings for our members and new prospects. These periodic meetings and socials allow a person to dress in the gender of their choice. Some of the periodic meetings are devoted to lectures and demonstrations on topics such as; clothing, wigs, deportment, cosmetics and many other issues. These services are provided to help individuals better express their gender of choice and develop more confidence in themselves. Throughout the year, there are special functions in addition to the periodic meetings; dinners, barbecues, shopping sprees, trips to the Cities, and many other club activities. Sheyenne Social Club provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere for members and new prospects to socialize with others who share the same desires. Sheyenne Social Club is strictly a social activity group.

The Club also has spouses willing to meet with spouses, friends, or loved ones, who want or need support and information from others who have dealt with or are dealing with this phenomenon. These support group meetings have helped marriages and relationships for individuals support and understanding in coping with this phenomenon.

There is also the opportunity to join The Club if you feel the need for group association. There are no dues at this time. Sheyenne Social Club also provides a vendors list of stores where members can buy clothing, shoes, accessories, wigs, and cosmetics. This list also contains special services such as nail care, wig care, electrologists, and much more.

CROSS DRESSER: The words cross-dresser and transvestite have the same meaning. Transvestite comes from the Latin; trans- meaning across and vesta meaning clothes. By preference, Sheyenne Social Club uses the modern term cross dresser. There are many reasons why people cross dress, but to date there are no definitive scientific or psychological explanations. Those who cross dress have their own reasons, and are as varied as there are cross dressers. Most individuals start out at an early age (preteen) wearing some article of clothing belonging to their mother or sister or someone else of the opposite sex. They feel a certain comfort in wearing an item or two of clothing. As time passes, they may begin to wear more and more articles of clothing and accessories. They, sometimes at an early age, manage to buy a wig and begin to experiment with makeup. Some cross dressers may stay at this stage for some time, and others forever.

Most often, as the cross dresser becomes older, they become more curious or driven to seek out others of the same persuasion. They may also be troubled and seek help in living with this phenomenon on an emotional level. The cross dresser who comes out of the closet and dresses to venture into the public for the first time usually want to continue to do so. Those who do dress and go out in public, often find it brings a high level of excitement and nervousness. But as time goes on, it will bring comfort and inner peace.

Many have rejected the guilt feelings and have accepted themselves as who they are. For various reasons (such as family, job or what ever), some only dress in the privacy of their own homes. Others may have deep feelings of guilt and self-denial. This condition should be addressed. This will usually bring about much soul searching and will involve much courage to express their hidden feelings to anyone else.

Most cross dressers are heterosexual and prefer a heterosexual relationship. They have no intentions of changing their sex by operations or hormones.

TRANSSEXUAL: There are some individuals, male or female, who feel they are born into the wrong body and want to change their sex with sexual reassignment surgery. Those few who qualify do so after intensive psychological counseling and living full time as their chosen gender for a minimum of one year.

Why ??

What causes a person to be a crossdresser or transsexual? No one really knows. There are many theories such as; prenatal influences; traumatic life; or genetic factors (which are looking stronger all the time as new research is done). What ever its cause, the cross dresser feels an undeniable compulsion to dress as the opposite sex.

Cross dressers come from all walks of life. Fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, priests, judges, doctors, even lawyers, etc., may be cross dressers. Sooner or later, they need to reach out for understanding and companionship, which can be found within an organization like the Sheyenne Social Club.


There are others who are quite often mistaken for cross dressers. They are Drag Queens and Female Impersonators, and usually only wear clothing of the opposite sex because they are entertainers who perform on stage.


1. Provide a support group for members and a safe comfortable atmosphere for members to express and enjoy their cross gender feelings.

2. Reach out to those individuals who need our help, whether they are ‘in the closet’ or not, who may just need to talk to someone who understands and cares. NDGA provides comfort, understanding and knowledge for all those affected by the cross dresser’s actions and feelings. Once the cross dresser, and their loved ones learn to address gender issues there is usually a much better relationship between them.

3. To educate the public about our lifestyle and thereby gain public understanding and acceptance of the cross gendered individual.

4. Protect our members. No information is given to anyone about membership. The club is very discreet, and is NOT a dating service. Absolutely NO sexual activities are allowed at any Sheyenne Social Club function or meeting.


Cross Dressing is not illegal in North Dakota, Minnesota and many other states. Minnesota is particularly understanding and supportive of diversity in alternate lifestyles and of the need and right for individual expression.

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Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, What! You, too? I thought I was the only one.”

C. S. Lewis


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