The Wasteland
"The Wasteland" was ultimately a product of our work with Scott McGrath on directing the Tad Mosel play "Impromptu".  It was part of a theater night called "All the World's a Stage" for our high school Cathedral Prep.  Mr. McGrath approached us about adapting T.S. Eliot's works to go along with the themes of the night.  Choosing "The Waste Land", "A Love Song for J. Alfed Prufrock", "Little Giddings" and "Dry Salvages", we constructed "The Wasteland", a black and white short emulating the grainy silent films of the 20's to complement Eliot's commentary on alienation and eventual reintegration of the spirit.

"The Wasteland" ended up taking first place in the ESFA student film competition in June of 2005.  Shot all around downtown Erie on a cold day in the winter of 2005, "The Wasteland" is one of our favorite works to date.

This also was the third in a string of collaborations we had with our friend Chase Klingensmith.  He was a petulant bicyclist irritated by Cairon's character Angelo in "Outlet", and a fatally innocent teen on the eve of adulthood in the ill-fated project "Girl by the Pool". 
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