Pagan Rd.
Autogawa Pictures present
a Detisch Twins film
Mike Veres (Jeff Harkin)  "Pagan Rd." Luke Steadman (Jack Cooper)
Chase Klingensmith (Lionel) Julie Pierce (Rita) Ricky Power
Adam Leuschen Michelle Szabat (Kelly) Justin Schau
Katie Colvin  Emily Haft and Erica Virgillio
Music by 2 Ft.Taxi  Written by Nick Detisch
Directed by A.J. and Nick Detisch 
After visiting the house of our friend Luke Steadman, just after shooting "Outlet", we became inspired to write again.  He lives in a spacious and scenic area in McKean and the experience of hanging out there was unlike I had ever had at any other friends' house.  There seemed to be something awfully poetic about the things we observed while visiting his home, and it took a writing session to find out why.  It must have been the mix of nature and the collage of American flags on Luke's bedroom wall that served as a primer, because the story that came out of me that summer was of an alienated youth forced by his friends to go "The Good American Way" by enlisting in the Army following high school.  This becomes symbolic of the pressure American youth face at such an early age to become something, and this decision has been manipulated against our benefit.  It is a modern age "Tortoise and the Hare" fable about going at your own pace to find your own way.

   The pre-production and shooting of this took place in my sophomore year of high school in late 2003 until July of 2004.  We got back in contact with my old friend Mike Veres, whom we remembered had a knack for acting.  His portrayal of the confused lead character Jeff Harkin was touching and really meant a lot to us.  Shooting this one, we had some of the best experiences we've ever had with filmmaking.  Most scenes were like filmed parties, thanks to all the great people who contributed to making this a memorable film.
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