Human's Lib
To play at Great Lakes Film Festival
Our first collaboration with our best of friends Cairon Overton since "Outlet" in 2003, "Human's Lib" is a story about the  entraptment of our daily routines and the beauty that is found in breaking out of it.  We named it after Howard Jones' classic 1984  album, one of our top ten favorite albums of all time.  The album is about "throwing off mental chains" and freeing ourselves of  pointless pressures and problems.  We wanted to explore the same thing here, and fortunately enough, even shooting this had truly liberating moments of sheer beauty.  This is a silent movie, but we tried to make it move as fast as our lives in the modern  age.  It follows one character through two perspectives of our world.  One being the enslavement of our daily routines and the other being an alternate reality: the beauty of the world around us.
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