House After Pics 2002
We've been here now just over 2 years.....we've done most of the work in the garden.

The first year we planted over 80 western red cedars along the entire perimeter of the backyard, and partial front, 18 Hansa Rugosa roses along the front, and over 300 spring bulbs.

This summer Kevin designed the new front yard walkway and garden beds around...I of course picked out all the plants...California Lilacs, Mexican Oranges, Brazilian Verbena, Lavender, and 7 David Austin English Roses (my favourite).  Sweet Juliet is the most fragrant and planted right by the front door....intoxicating!!
April 2001
MLS listing photo, Feb 2000.
Sept 2002
Backyard Spring 2001
Sept 2002
Sept 2002
Sweet Juliet English Rose
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