ADRIAN WEE (Benchmark)

There're no boundaries where Adrian is concerned, an ever-evolving DJ whose musical styles deconstruct and merge itself constantly. One of the founding members of Benchmark Productions, Adrian sets his sights forward, to bring his style and quality towards greater heights.

Over the last 2 years, Adrian has let his creativity run wild, often fusing genres together to create a unique set. From techno to trance to house, Adrian has played them all, improvising and changing constantly.

Adrianss style has caught the attention of many promoters and has since garnered experience playing at the biggest parties. Recently he has performed at Sluice, Hardcore, Techkroniq and Sessions, alongside the bigger names of Paul Damage, Damian Laird, Rich:)e Rich and Jonathan Yeo. Refusing to conform, his musical journey steadily moves forward, resulting in new and surprising experiences at every performance.


Angela Flame is a rare gem who has emerged from the local DJ scene in Singapore. With her sights put forward, she is definitely on to bigger and better things. Since the early days at Liquid Room and Ke parties in Zouk, Angela has earned herself a name amongst the top DJs in the region. During her recently completed tour in Germany, Angela has played at many huge parties as the main act herself, and also supported the biggest international DJs the clubbing industry has ever known.

To date, Angela Flame's profile keeps skyrocketing at a furious pace, having played alongside tekno's biggest acts like Technasia, Trevor Rockcliffe, Derrick May, Malcomn Duffy, Heiko Laux, Sascha Funke in various parts of the world like Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Melbourne. Her most recent German tour saw her performing alongside Monika Kruse and Frank Muller within the realms of the infamous club Tresor in Berlin.

Angela Flame's musical career in turntable artistry has evolved toward that of a groovy and disco-ish tekno with a hard twist of funk, causing serious wreckage on the dance floor with every spin. Admittedly, her journey is on a high note, rising towards stardom at every opportunity. Angela's credibility thickens as she never fails to impress. With every passing moment, she aims for yet bigger parties and performs at the highest level together with seasoned professionals and pioneers in the world of tekno.


He was first discovered by Stingray and played for Primal Groove nights. In a short period of 2 years, Leon has established himself to be one of the most promising nubreed locals to come out of the clubbing circuit.

Drawing his inspiration from the likes of Dave Clark, Adam Beyer and Technasia, Leon's style is best described as
tek-house riding on rockin' tekno, flaring with funky flavors. Fierce yet classy.

Keep a lookout for this guy as he is gonna score. Welcome to the 3rd wave.


The Purposemaker meets Kosmic Messenger. His tactical and precise mixing had seen him played at some of the most successful parties and venues in Melbourne like Rotation 5-Ben Simms, Manga Fesdiva 2 and at the Lounge. He is now back to sprinkle magic on the dancefloor with a fusion of driving minimal tekno and pure Detroit hi-tech funk.


During the course of this year, Sean has established himself to become one of the new faces to look out for in the future.

Inspired by he likes of Ben Sims, Dave Clarke and Marco Carola, Sean is a purveyor of hard banging techno laced with some quality funk and groove.

Since his debut at Sessions at Phuture last year, Sean has moved on to perform at the highest level at major techno parties such as Sluice and En Route 1, supporting the likes of Paul Damage and Jonathan Yeo. Watch out for this guy, he's on course for the big time.


DJ Stingray's foray into Tekno was fuelled by electronic dance remixes of new wave acts in the 80's. During his twelve years of spinning dance music, DJ Stingray had released numerous mix CDs under the VMP label in the mid-90's, organised one of the first underground tekno parties in Singapore called Liberation, contributed to dance programs on the local airwaves, as well as atpractically every club in Singapore where proper dance music is welcomed.

Aside from spinning at clubs, DJ Stingray writes for cutting edge local magazines such as JUICE, BigO and Urbanite. He also promotes parties featuring international DJs with the Fluid-Mix


It is his passion for the electronic sound that has catapulted Unknown into the local tekno circuit in the early 90s.

Unknown's DMC turntablism technique adds splashes of teasing funk and inner soul into creating his unique sound. A signature sound that builds heavily on minimal funk, an experience he's massed from the repertoire, the past 10 years working on A&R with dance speciality vinyl shops.

It is an obligation for him to define his concept of music and to express his artistic approach in only language - Music. Recognised for his sets packed with contrasts between hypnotic repetition and 15 sec 'flatline' intervals, as well as his smoothness, he's known to make binary codes sound funky and inject inner soul into all that tekno.

The intense waveform energy of big kick drum juxtaposed against the needle pin pulsating beat never makes him lose sight of his target either. Unknown has played along side tekno heavyweight Will E Tell (Wetmusik), Umek & Valentino (Recycled Loops), Simon Coyle (Agent Mad) Paul Damage (House Of God) just to name a few.

He has made his mark with his pluralist, intimate, sensual, demanding and casted his 'vibes' on the dance-floors of local clubs and in mega-raves around Malaysia, Thailand, Tokyo and Melbourne.

Intelligent tekno - "Life is a journey and I wouldn't want to be caught in a certain movement." - Currently Unknown is threading the Japan tekno scene.

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