Date : 17th Friday & 18th Saturday August 2001.
Time : 6PM onwards
Venue : Fort Canning Green

Ticketing Outlets : Wicked Records, Fourskin (Heeren), Fourskin (Beach Road), HMV (Heeren), HMV (City Link) and 77th Street (Far East)
Ticket Prices : 1 Day Pre-Sale Pass = S$25.00 (Limited), 2 Day Pre-Sale Pass = S$40.00 (Limited),
Door-Sale = S$30.00 *Tickets will go on sale at at the above mentioned outlets.
Info/Updates Wicked Festival 2001

Lineups for the Wicked Festival 2001.

Local Acts :
A'n, Concave Scream, Dj Leon (Hardcore) & Dj Yang (Live Set) and Dj Wicked Will (Wicked Records)
*Note that Leon and Yang will be playing together as a live act.

International Acts :
808 State Djs, Percy X, Hendrik B, Agent Sumo, Dylan Rhymes and Phil K.


Concave Scream
Sean, Pann, Victor and Dean got together in 1994 and one year later, released their self-financed album which won them a 5 star rating from Straits Times. Another album in 1997 with another 5 stars from Straits Times plus a gig at the International Music Festival '98 held in the Philippines. The year 1999 saw them release their 3rd album which was launched in Zouk. Concave Scream has alot of angst in them and has progressed from dark to upbeat and more progressive. They put in alot of effort in their work which differs them from the other local bands. The band members will record new materials soon.

A'n - known as '
Peace' in Mandarin makes the kind of music that puts people wondering if they even know what the term meansŠ It's 3 guys, 1 girl and a DJ, performing electric trip-hop to resounding bass beats, hip-hop scratching, samples and organic drums and guitars. The resulting effect? One house of controlled chaotic sound, imaginations and grooves. A'n is not meant for the unsophisticated, nor the uninitiated. The band's music drives melancholy to a state of peace. 'To make music for doing nuthin' to, except perhap,.. 'to have sex to' - are key ideas behind the band's music. On vocals and 303 sits Pauline who programs the beats and soundz. Ery and Lan are responsible for the bass grooves. A'n builds its musical foundation on the brilliance of these two - filling in the musical spaces with strong vocals and backing beats. On guitars, Khai has an affinity for noise - making, blue notes and engineers the entire melancholic soundscape.

A'n has the pleasure of working with DJs such as Ashidik (hip-hop, dnB), Firdaus (hip-hop, turntablist), DJ Abery (Breakz) and DJ Yang (techno), each bringing their own sense of history and sexy sounds to the melting pot that makes A'n. The band has had an exciting history of creating music together and with other talented people. A'n has had the pleasure of influencing and contributing to bands such as Sideshow Judy, Soul Zero Foundry, The Foundry and Steel City Skies, all bands with different sounds and perspectives. There is no doubt that A'n is versatile and adventurous. The people behind the music have differing musical tastes that blends into an amalgamation of eclectic hip-hop, trip-hop, drum n' bass and emo-core. To date, A'n has had 'You Can Do No Wrong' and 'Spaceship Dog' out on SpringRoll Records. Other tasty treats include, 'Happy Together', 'Jealous' and 'Troubled Times, Sordid Lives'. It's not pure dance music, nor is it pure trip-hop. Itıs ain't pure emo-core either, so what is A'n? There is method in the madness,.....

Dj Leon (Hardcore) & Dj Yang

A rookie to the dance scene paired up with a pioneer means innovation. Leon started out Djing not long ago but has already played out in several gigs. Most recent one being "Sessions" held in Phuture/Zouk. Incorporating his live set into his Dj set, Leon has many supporters as he truely rocks the crowd with his ever pulsating beats. Paired up with Yang who started Djing about 8 years ago, the duo has been experimenting with new ways of performing "live". Yang who has many supporters as well who has last played about a year ago has come back with new ideas. Which also means those who enjoyed his last set will definitely be back for more beats. Together, these two will be a crowd puller and pleaser.

Dj Wicked Will (Wicked Records)

One half of Wicked Records, William has been around the scene for more than 10 years. His sets varies from R&B to Techno to anything that you throw at him. William has been spinning in various clubs and with that much experience, he can be very versatile. Breaks and Big-beats are his favourites now and he will be sure to keep the crowd jumping.

808 State

Djs 808 State was formed back in 1988 in Eastern Bloc, a DJ record shop in Manchester England run by Martin Price. Customers Graham Massey of Biting Tongues fame and Gerald Simpson got talking with Martin and soon realised how much they had in common. After recording a Hip-Hop flavoured EP as the Hit Squad Manchester together with MC Tunes, they decided to call themselves 808 State. They got the name from the Roland drum machine TR 808 and the state-of-mind that they shared.

Their first album Newbuild on Price's Creed Records, a raw Acid House album, was released during the Summer of '88 and has since become a very collectible item. During the making of the second album Quadrastate, Gerald Simpson departed to continue with his solo project A Guy Called Gerald. DJ's Andrew Barker and Darren Partington, a.k.a. the Spinmasters, got recruited on a permanent basis to fill up the gap left by Gerald.

The third album entitled 90, now signed under the ZTT label, included the hit Pacific which had been an underground classic until then. This album was also released in the US under the name Utd. State 90 on Tommy Boy records. During this time 808 State also produced an album for MC Tunes and released several hit singles. Their biggest selling album Ex:el followed, however Martin Price decided to depart from 808 State.

The 1992 album Gorgeous included a remake of the UB 40 classic One In Ten. After extensive touring, 808 State took a break and it wasn't until 1994 that the single Bombadin was released. During that year a fanclub-only CD entitled State to State was pressed containing unreleased material.

It took two years to finish the 1996 album called Don Solaris. To celebrate its release in June 1996, a free concert was given at the Castlefield Amphitheatre in Manchester. Don Solaris featured artists such as James Dean Bradfield of 'Manic Street Preachers', Louise Rhodes of 'Lamb', Michael Doughty of 'Soul Coughing' and showed 808 State from a darker side. To celebrate ten years of 808 State, 1998 saw the release of a Best Of 808 State album, entitled 808:88:98. In 1999, the classic Newbuild album was re-released on Rephlex records. Currently 808state are looking for a new recording contract. Apart from making their own music, 808 State do remixes and production work for other artists and appear frequently as DJ's.

Phil K
Phil's career started in 1985 in a disco hire company and by early 90s, his name became synonymous with the bigger clubs in Melbourne like Chevron, Inflations, Chasers and Metro. Constatly keeping the dance floor filled and by mid 90s to late 90s, Phil was in demand everywhere and had a reputation to die for. He had many guest spots on radio and started his own radio show on Kiss FM which is still the most popular radio show till today. Phil has played alongside heavyweights like Sasha, Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox and Darren Emerson to name a few but there are just a whole lot more big name Djs he played with. Polled at #13 Dj in the world on Juice Magazine (Australia) and nominated for "Australia's Best Dj" and "Best Radio Show", Phil was also listed as the 25 most important people in Australia's dance scene.

His 1st production work was signed to Ministry of Sound and went to No.1 on the Kiss90FM chart. After this hit, more production and remixing work came in for him and chart after chart has his name all over it, all rated 5 stars. In recent days, Phil has been very busy with his work. Tracks are being licensed to mix compilations by the likes of Satoshi Tomie and one of them already licensed to world famous Global Underground - Nu Breed Series mixed by Anthony Papa. Releasing his works on the sought after label "Zero Tollerence", one of his unreleased tracks which is only on promo was heard being canned by Danny Tenaglia and also tearing off the rooftops at Twilo NYC.

Phil's Dj style is cutting edge and floor erupting, playing from breaks to dark tribal progressive house,always leading by example. He is not only the favorite Dj of Australia's but also Anthony Papa and John Course. Endorsed by Pioneer for its EFX-500 Effects Unit, Phil toured the whole of Australiasia, to demonstrate Pioneer's product which all raised eye-brows as they did not even know what they invented can do tricks that Phil did on it. Impressing everyone with his unsurpassed skill on the EFX-500, including Ken Ishi who dubbed him the "Effects Specialist".

Name any famous club in Melbourne and Phil has probably played there a few times. With his high flying status now, Phil K is coming to take the world by storm.

Dylan Rhymes

It's eleven years since this llama loving Brit produced his first record, and in that time he has always been at the forefront of an ever-evolving dance scene. Famous for having more labels than a cat walk model, his latest project is the Blue Black imprint which is causing mayhem on the more discerning dance floors of the planet, with its unique blend of house beats and nu-skool break flavours.

Better known for his work in the field of breaks after the global hit 'Naked and Ashamed' for Boy's Own, it has escaped some people's attention that he has been making house music for over a decade. He was one of the founder members of 'Peace Division' and one half of 'Outsider', both of whom are, and were on the cutting edge of the scales. He also constitutes one half of 'La Liga' and is the owner of 'Blue Black Recordings', and still finds time to run 'Rhythm Design' Studios and DJ across the globe with residency with 'Whole Nine Yards' at Open and KHZ at The End.

Dylan has released 'Muji' on Blue Black, (championed by Sir Digweed no less) which will be featured on the new Twilo compilation, and a limited edition 'Soundbox release' on the 'Blue Test' subsidiary. Remix wise, there's 'Mad Dogs' for Timo Maas, Terrorvision's 'Do you wanna go faster?' and one for a little English band named Culture Club. He is also working something up with Terry Farley.

Also, Triggaman project is ongoing so expect to see a slew of singles out on JBO, and watch out for the Dylan Rhymes album which is in the pipeline.

Agent Sumo
Martin Cole comes from Edinburgh, and once learnt speed-reading and free jazz at summer camp. Steven Halliday hails from Leeds and knows all the words to slasher flick Drillerkiller. Together they are South London's finest hip hop-stylin' house nation - otherwise known as Agent Sumo. "It's house music," avers tall, 'intense' and crazy-haired Martin, 27, "but with a cutty, choppy production style." Martin spent his early teenage years living in New Jersey. "My Dad had a job managing refrigeration warehouses," he explains, "and apart from listening to loads of electro, I got into the very American idea of taking action. The glamour of being miserable doesn't appeal at all."

Although the pair were living in Leeds, frequenting the same club (Vague) and working for rival clothes shops in the Corn Exchange, their paths never crossed. Steven (29, who Martin says is, 'quite nonchalant'), had caught the nightclub bug after working at his Dad's friends club in Bradford. Then he discovered the Thursday night at News, a late 80's jacking-house club in Leeds city centre. Like Nightmares On Wax, bleep-kings LFO, and proto-house outfit Unique 3, who also attended the club, he left with a burning desire to make music. Worked in a London clothes shop for a year, then decided to go to film school. 'There were loads of teachers' strikes when I was at school," he remembers, "so I spent ages round my mates house watching videos of Rollerball and Hellraiser." Consequently imbued with a love of film, Steven passed time at film school 'wanting to be all Eastern European and tortured. But I just wasn't'. Whilst he still carries a core of celluloid love inside, it was time to drop the film can and pick up some sampler leads.

Martin and Steven came face to face in South London, 1998, when a mutual friend decided that his two music-obsessed pals should meet. They quickly found a loop at the end of The Seahorses 'Love Is The Law', knocked up a remix, and sent it to a record label. "They hated it!" cackles Martin, who can play guitar, drums, baritone horn, flute, clarinet and bass: 'fucking loads of instruments', "but I thought it was great." Recording wherever they could (they now work in their Brixton studio and the four-storey Wolf studios) Agent Sumo already have a body of work behind them. "Everyone else has come from a particular scene," reckons Martin, "but we've been sitting on our own making thirty, maybe forty of our own records. Like bands would. We want to build something that comes from a real place, and a real time." And they're bringing local talent into their vibrant musical mix. Like Niara, the twenty-something two-step loving vocalist, and ragga rapper Carl "The Kid" Liquorice.

One of their early independent releases - the Young And Company sampling 'Sunflowers' (on Brixton imprint Sunflower) - caused proper buzz on the underground scene and with record companies in 1999. Since then they have signed to Virgin Records and have completed their debut album '"Do It Yourself (We Did)" which will hit the streets in summer 2001. "We've got literally hundreds of influences, and what we make reflects that." Listen to the material that follows the emblematic footsteps of Sunflowers and you'll agree: there's the eighties-sounding electro-soul of 'Why', the woozy, lost-in-the-middle-of-the-dancefloor 'Freedom', and the crystalline production on vocal disco-funk stormer, 'More Than Love'.

For the meantime Agent Sumo are back with some seriously heavyweight club action. Already a few test pressings have caused club carnage, with DJ Lottie's copy ending up being played three times by three different DJs on one recent night at Leeds house central Back To Basics. What more do you need to know? One of the most talked about records in Miami and currently tipped by Pete Tong, Ralph Lawson, Seb Fontaine, Boy George and Danny Rampling.

Agent Sumo are ready to take you on a housematic ride through disco, hip hop, house, bringing an attention to detail that makes speakers stand on end and blows the stripes off your sneakers. Their debut album flicks through a musical spectrum that encompasses soul-lifting house music, loping disco and slowed down summer moments, Martin and Steven are the sound of a windows-down drive through East Coast America. Putting diamond sharpness into summer: that's Agent Sumo.

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