H|A|R|D|C|O|R|E 003 - Dangerous Liaison
Saturday June 2nd 2001
River House, Clarke Quay

Ambience gets thrown into oblivion for yet another night as HC003 conjures up a unique massacre of beats and funk at Clarke Quay. An honest bunch of 6 local event promoters have come together to bring to you the most thorough clubbing experience.

Congregating for the first time just to create a unique environment for a one off surreal clubbing experience, this sound and landscape will shame your weekly clubbing limitations.

The world's most respected international and local tekno line-ups centre stage at River House - Singapore's most sought after warehouse party venue located at Clarke Quay. Ad hoc rigging and installation will weigh in more then 5 tons of equipment. It will be the biggest ever sound-system set-up per square foot, over 50,000 watts will be at your disposal.

Our hardcore commitment. Your divine pleasures. In exchange for the 'nod' the night after.

Room: International
(22:00 00:00) Dave Rankine (Teriyaki, Australia)
(00:00 01:00) Voiteck Andersen 100% Live (Truck Musik)
(01:00 03:00) Ade Fenton (Advanced - Resident Atomic Jam - England Biggest Tekno Night)

Room: Future Sound Of Singapore (FSOS)
(22:00 23:00) Leon (Hardcore)
(23:00 00:00) Sean Lai (KEFM)
(00:00 01:00) Norman C
(01:00 02:00) Stingray (Fluid-Mix)
(02:00 03:00) Unknown

$28 Entry (2 Standard Drinks - Speed Bar).
Door Sales 1,000 Only. All Rights Reserved.
Updates/Infos @ http://www.geocities.com/ndegraund



Since the launch of his label Advanced, and his residency at Atomic Jam, Ade Fenton has quickly emerged as one of UK tekno's most exciting DJs and most in demand producers and remixers.

In September 1998, Ade released his first single on Advanced 'Coded', a brutal slab of harsh tech-funk, received a response from the press and DJs exceeding all expectations. This was quickly followed by the second release 'Immortal', and a remix by Space DJ'z confirmed the label's status and gained many followers as a result.

As the label's sound began to mature, Ade's DJ schedule became increasingly busy. In June 1999 he took up residency at England's biggest tekno club night, the legendary Atomic Jam. Ade continued to unleash his blistering 'cut up' DJing style, reflected in much of his material, at tekno clubs throughout Europe and Asia.

The release of the epic 'Perverter EP' on Ben Long's highly regarded label Potential saw Ade's profile rise further still, and EP's on Audio & Ground soon followed, along with remixes for Materials, Potential and Red Seal.

As well as releasing his own material on Advanced, Ade has also asked established artists to provide EP's and remixes for the label. Recently, Jamie Bissmire's 'Advanced Ground EP' was the first release through new distributor's Prime, and remixes on Advanced 009 were provided by friends and long time supporters of the label Umek and Chris McCormack. This year will also see releases on Advanced from Ben Long and Umek.

In the early 2001, Ade releases EP's on Wet Musik (Australia), Global Trax (USA), more on Advanced, the long awaited 'Perverter 2' on Potential, as well as a host of projects including remixes for Audio, Planet Rhythm, Punish and an album planned for release around November. A tour of Australia and Asia is planned for July, and he is already leaving dancefloors breathless this year with his performance across the globe.


Advanced 001 - Fenton & Thomas. Coded E.P. September 1998
Advanced 002 - Black Science E.P. October 1998
Advanced 004 - Ade Fenton. Urban Influence E.P. February 1999
Advanced 005 - Fenton Vs Thomas. MindGames E.P. May 1999
Advanced 006 - Ade Fenton. Into the Spiral E.P. November 1999
Potential 005 - Potential 002 remix May 1999
Materials 002 - Materials 001 remix December 1999
Audio 023 - Fenton & Thomas. E.P January 2000
Potential 008 - Ade Fenton Perverter E.P. April 2000
Ground 009 - Ade Fenton Serpent Power E.P. July 2000
Red Seal 012 - Ade Fenton Remix July 2000
Advanced 008 - Ade Fenton TurnTribalism E.P August 2000
Advanced 009 - Remix package with remixes by Umek, September 2000
Steve Stoll,Ben Long, Chris McCormack, Jamie Bissmire, Christian Wunsch & Ade Fenton

WetMusik, Australia - Ade Fenton E.P. October 2000
Audio Germany - Ade Fenton Remix of Audio 025 October 2000
Advanced 012 - Ade Fenton & Chris McCormack E.P November 2000


Voiteck was born in the heavily industrialised chaos of southern Poland. He came to Australia at the age of eleven not being able to speak a word of English. Constantly listening as a kid, music became the soundtrack to his life, developing a very powerfull creative urge that needed to be expressed.

Growing up in Melbourne, he got involved in the hip hop culture at a very young age. Having the chance to meet some underground figures, inspired him to create his own vision, and take control of his own destiny.

In 1993, while undergoing studies in electronics, Voiteck begun setting up a home studio to pursue what he saw as his dreams. Mainly self taught experiments lead to dj and live performances almost a year later, with releases and collaboration projects to follow.

Late 1995 brought the realisation of truck musik, a label Voiteck decided to start in order to have an outlet where he could create freely, and to keep up with his output. He has since then generated world wide licensing to labels such as: Primate (Uk), Bush (Uk), Harthouse (Ger), Plug Research (Us), Kne Deep (Us), as well as single handedly driving the truck to release seventeen.

In a short span of time, Voiteck has been recognised as one of the most creative and sought after live performer/djs in australia, appearing at many exhibitions, art galleries, clubs, raves, and most of the main festivals/events australia has to offer; Big Day Out, Vibes On A Summers Day, Earthcore, Hardware, Every Picture, The Falls and many more. His ability to adapt to the surroundings has enabled him to perform his music alongside artists such as : aphex, Jeff Mills, Claude Young, Derrick May, Krs1 - Bdp, Chemical Brothers, and Goldie to name a few. He has also been involved with The Recovery (ABC), Alchemy (SBS), Chunky Move, Circus Oz, Crown Casino (opening nights), 4zzz Market Day, and much more.

Voiteck's creations have been receiving great support from overseas media; Musik, Joockey Slut (Uk), and Groove, Raveline (Ger), amongst others. His single minded determination has been described as 'emerging as the land of Oz's finest electronic producer to date' - Magic Feet mag (Uk).

In 2001 Voiteck is launching his sub-label 'electruck' for what he calls 'crisp modern electronic grooves', new school machine music! In August a european tour is planned as well as a documentary film about Voiteck, shot by a crew following him around europe to capture 'wat it is'!


voiteck - krylon ep - truck musik 01 - australia
voiteck - round square - cd album - seraphic 01 - australia
voiteck - dedroid - cd album - truck 02
voiteck - goggles ep -harthouse 95 - germany
voiteck - manslaughter ep - undefined 10 - australia
td5 - switchstance ep - primate 07 - uk
td5 - momentum ep - truck 03
td5 - 4th rail ep - truck 04
td5 - activity below the surface - truck 05
td5 - smudge wars ep - truck 06

td5 - electruck ep - truck 07
td5 - juvenile 10" - primate 10"/04
td5 - liquid paper ep - plug research 10 - us
td5 - battle square ep - truck 08
td5 - flat 5 ep - truck 09
voiteck vs td5 - double ep - truck 10/11
voiteck - live at your mamas - live cd album - truck 12
voiteck - analog junkyard - stv 02 - australia
td5 - criminal damage ep - off the wall 12" - uk
voiteck - meccano ep - truck 13
v.andersen - monorail ep - bush - uk
voiteck - train games ep - truck 14
voiteck - motor dreams ep - kne deep 10 - us
td5 - the situationalist ep - high octane - us
voiteck - battletruck ep - truck 15
voiteck - truckin 4 life ep - truck 16
voiteck - truck 2000 - cd album - truck 17


29/04/95 >> Derrick May & Stacey Pullen support - Global Village - (Melbourne)
06/11/95 >> Claude Young support - (Melbourne)
01/02/96 >> Prodigy support - The Palace - (St Kilda)
17/02/96 >> Biochip C support - Global Village - (Melbourne)
09/03/96 >> Rephlex tour : Aphex Twin & Cylob, support - Technofest II
25/01/97 >> Aphex Twin support - Big Day Out - (Melbourne)
31/01/97 >> Propellerheads & Wiseguys support - Vibes On a Summers Day - (Melbourne)
09/03/97 >> Jeff Mills support- Where The Wild Things Are - (Victoria Docks)
14/05/97 >> Mecury Lounge - Crown Casino - (Melbourne)
23/08/97 >> DJ SS & Dj HMC support - Acquiescence St.Pauls - (Adelaide)
23/10/97 >> PFM support - Revolver - (Melbourne)
03/11/97 >> Luke Slater Support - Every Picture Tells A Story 13 - (Altona)
31/12/97 >> Carl Cox, Darren Emerson, Norman Cook support - Halcyon Knights - Exhibition Buildings - (Melbourne)
06/02/98 >> Severed Heads support - Punters Club - (Melbourne)
14/02/98 >> Jeff Mills, Speedy J, Dj Sneak, Marmion, Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Dj Doc Martin, Frankie Knuckles, Jimmy Somerville - Apollo Fest - (Melbourne)
06/06/98 >> Alec Empire support - Revolver - (Melbourne)
04/07/98 >> Played Live on Recovery - National ABC TV
05/08/98 >> with Circus Oz - Metro Nightclub - (Melbourne)
08/08/98 >> Claude Young support - Showgrounds - (Adelaide)
05/09/98 >> Voiteck headline - (Darwin)
12/09/98 >> Aphrodite & Pacou support - Fun Factory - (Melbourne)
17/10/98 >> 4ZZZ Market Day - (Brisbane)
21/11/98 >> Rancid, The Living End, Jebediah, The Mavis's, Frenzal Rhomb, BodyJar, Magic Dirt, The Avalanches - Push Over - (Melbourne)
12/12/98 >> Jeff Mills support - Hardware 14 - (Victoria Docks)
31/12/98 >> Thomas Schumacher & Patrick Lindsay support - Hardware Universe NYE - Kryal Castle -(Ballarat)
16/01/99 >> Voiteck headline - (Perth)
26/01/99 >> Underworld, Fat Boy Slim, Roni Size, Dj Punk Roc - Big Day Out - (Melbourne)
20/03/99 >> Dan Curtain support - Every Picture 17 - Altona Sports + Ent - (Melbourne)
14/05/99 >> KRS 1 & Goldie support - rave - (Los Angeles USA)
26/05/99 >> Intuit Solar - club - (Detroit - USA)
12/06/99 >> Locked On - rave - (Hamilton - CANADA)
15/)6/99 >> Static - club - (San Fransicso - USA)
14/07/99 >> Eddie 'Flashin' Fowlkes support - Every Picture 18 - Altona Sports + Ent - (Melbourne)
22-23-24/9/99 >> with Chunky Move - Revolver - (Prahran)
25/09/99 >> Steve Bicknell support - Forum - (Melbourne)
09/10/99 >> Mike Dearborn - support - (Altona Sports + Ent.)
13/11/99 >> Christopher Just support - (Melbourne)
26/11/99 >> Dave Angel support - Palace - (Melbourne)
04/12/99 >> Adam Beyer & Cari Lekebusch, - Kryal Castle - (Ballarat)
31/12/99 >> Jeff Mills, Cj Bolland, Derrick Carter, Adam Freeland, Phats and Small, Hybrid, Patrick Lindsay, Paul Daley - Welcome 2000 - (Melbourne Docks)
30/01/00 >> Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, Goldie, Primal Scream - Big Day Out - (Melbourne)
19/02/00 >> Common Factor support - Lounge - (Melbourne)
12/03/00 >> Ritchie Hawtin, Marco Carola - Two Tribes - (Melbourne)
15/04/00 >> Jeff Mills support - Docklands - (Melbourne)
05/05/00 >> Voiteck headline - (Cairns)
15/05/00 >> Dr.Rockit/Herbert support - (Melbourne)
23/09/00 >> Surgeon/Ruskin support - (Melbourne)
26/02/01 >> Sutekh/Safety Scissors support - (Melbourne)


Dave Rankine exploded into Melbourne's tekno scene in the late 90's. Within his first year, Dave was supporting DJ heavyweights such as Carl Cox, Luke Slater, Space Dj's, Surgeon, Steve Bicknell, James Ruskin and Ben Sims

Tagged by the Australian media as 'funky tribal bangin techno', Dave's set is brutally invigorating. He mixes together a myriad styles of tekno which few have been game to try.

Dave's unique style of tekno was soon recognised by clubs all over Melbourne. In January this year he was invited to play for the infamous Teriyaki Anarkisaki (the biggest tekno club night in Melbourne) Re-Opening Party along side Dee Dee, Slack and 8 Bit together with DJ Pixelton. Ever since, Dave has become a regular at club Teriaki Anarkisaki.

Having just completely blown Singapore off at Nox Tekroniq (Kinemat) and Liquid Room, all eyes were are on this tekno 'rookie' when he 'roxed' the last Sluice event. This talented individual is no doubt - The Rising Son - of the Melbourne tekno movement.

In the future, Dave plans to tour Asia regularly, and sets to release some of his own compositions on 12' by the end of this year.

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