26 year old Naples resident Gaetano Parisio, begun his production career early in the 90's with good friend Marco Carola, recording as C & G South System and on his own as Gaetek. The duo has been instrumental in fostering the techno scene in Naples, well known as the most avant-garde in Italy.

Gaetek started his own label Conform in October 1997 and in order to freely express his musical beliefs has more recently founded another, ART. Both labels have become synonymous with high quality minimal techno, typified by multi-faceted, layered digital sound driven by strong grooves. If you haven't seen his answer to tech-house on his new label South Soul, you should, as it is setting dance floors ablaze world-wide.

Due to the limited pressings and the avoidance of any advertising or press coverage, all the releases are now highly sought after among the global techno community. As well as his own labels, Gaetek has produced for a number of others including Marco Carolašs Design imprint, Code Red, Planet Rhythm, Drum Code, Primate and Tortured.

In 1999 Gaetano devoted most of his time and efforts into producing a non profit compilation titled Techkommunity 4 Kosovo which saw the collaboration of Gaetano with James Ruskin, Ben Sims, Marco Carola, Advent, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebush, Garnier, Sven Vath and Surgeon.

He has played in Belgium, France, Germany, Slovenia, Spain and as well as the infamous Open To Tortured parties at The End in London. Fresh from Two Tribes in Australia and for the first time in Singapore, Hardcore presents Amnesia, double full cycle sets featuring Gaetek and Jonathan Yeo.


ART 01,02,03,04,05,06
CONFORM 01,02,03,05
CONFORM 007 - Advanced Series Vol.1
CONFORM 010 - Advanced Series Vol.2
PRIMATE 015,018,033 (10")
DRUMCODE 011,019
TORTURED 016 - Shock System (w.Marco Carola)

Gaetano Parisio by Cyclone Wehner [email protected]

Cyclone gets techno workaholic Gaetano Parisio to unwind.

Italy's Gaetano Parisio, aka Gaetek, once informed his school teachers that on graduation all he wanted to do was enjoy himself - he had no particular career in mind. Gaetano ended up studying law, before quitting after his first exam. But when it came to electronic music, Gaetano was more than happy to apply himself and today he's among the hardest working DJ/producers in the techno scene.

In his youth Parisio listened to old disco, as well as New Order and Depeche Mode. Later he progressed from buying records as a hobby to spinning and making them. It took Gaetek two years to define his sound in the studio, then he was off. Parisio put out his early material on his good friend Marco Carola's Design label. In 1997 Gaetano launched his own concern, Conform, which now has a catalogue of 15 issues. Gaetano has just lately established a new off-shoot, SouthSoul, for some housier productions. He's also involved with the limited edition ART Records. In fact, Gaetano has prepared a compilation album of ART tracks, which is due this month. It's geared to all those who couldn't get hold of the originals. Currently Gaetano is taking a rare break from production after a busy last year, but he will resume on return from Australia.

Many of Parisio's peers are beginning to move away from hard, minimal techno into housier terrain, with some interested in what is loosely termed 'listening music'. Gaetano may be enthusiastic about his housey South Soul productions, yet he still digs his techno. "My soul is still really in techno. The thing is when you work so much in the studio I think it's a natural thing to change and want to do something new. Or you also get new inspiration - when you listen to a lot of music, you get new influences; travelling a lot you always get new influences from all the countries where you've been. I think that's why it's natural, it's a logical step, trying to change and do different stuff. Actually, I'm also doing a lot of listening things. I've got hundreds of tracks in my studio. Some time they will be released, but not at the moment. It takes time.

" In 1999 Gaetano attracted attention in the wider dance scene for his efforts in orchestrating the Techkommunity 4 Kosovo compilation, with tracks by Ben Sims, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Sven Vath and Laurent Garnier. (Only one artist failed to submit a track after initially promising it, and Gaetano declines to reveal his identity.)

Italy has a small techno scene and, for this very reason, Carola chose to relocate to Germany. However, Gaetano remains based in his native Naples. (He jokes that he would miss the food and girls too much.) "I think is a good choice, but you have to balance quality of life and work, and I prefer to still live here. I mean, [Marco] moved to Frankfurt and London and in both places actually the weather is always grey and cloudy - and I can't do that."

Nevertheless, as a frequent flier, Gaetano pays the price for staying in his hometown. "The only thing really that I miss is a big airport, because I fly every week from Naples, and Naples has got a small airport, so I always take connections," he explains, sighing. "Actually, I think I am the DJ who has lost the most records ever, because I always take these connections, and it's a little bit stressful. But it's OK, I can work."

Gaetano has found something of a solution by driving for two hours to Italy's main airport in Rome, cutting out one connection and thereby minimising the chances of his records going astray. The problem is it's very tiring week in, week out - and Gaetano is exhausted. "I am, I am - because I haven't taken any holidays now for two years," he says, laughing. "I think I'm going to take five days of holidays when I will be there in Australia. I think I will be going to the Reef. I'm really looking forward to it."

Gaetano then asks all about the Great Barrier Reef - which, he soon learns, is fairly isolated from anything approximating a techno scene. "That's what I need - no records!," he laughs. "That's perfect!"

Gaetano Parisio DJs at Hardcore 002 - Amnesia @ Club Nox (SG) Saturday 17 March

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