New Direction Christian Singles meets
the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.
Our next meeting is May 12, 2009.
We will have a "pot luck" supper at Living Waters Church...
2290 Fayetteville Road (Highway92) 6:30pm

Hope to see you there!
If you need directions, please call Gina!
Contact Info:
Gina Paradis
Email: [email protected]
Our mission is to encourage Christian fellowship and activities for single adults seeking a new direction.
Pay a visit to:
          May & June Birthdays
5/5 Clyde Rudd               6/20 Lois Olson
                                        MARK YOUR CALENDAR!
JUNE 9, 2009 You don't want to miss this meeting!!!  We are going to have a cookout at Betty Greer's house.  Instead of asking you to bring a covered dish we are asking you to pay $6 per person.  We need to get the money in advance so we know how many are coming.  We will be serving hot dogs, hamburgers, side dishes, drinks, and desserts.  If some of you would bring a dessert it would be much appreciated.
The planning Committee will meet May 18th at El Durango, 6pm. to discuss meeting locations for July through September.  If you would like to be on the Committee, please let me know.  You are always welcome to come to any meeting we have.  Your ideas and/or opinions are very important.  New Direction Christian Singles belongs to ALL of us and we want everyone to be involved.  We really appreciate you coming to the meetings.  Please keep spreading the word about our group and get your single friends to come.

Planning Committee members are:
Gina Paradis, Betty Greer, Eleanor Ferrell, Boots Brannon, and Keith Clark.
We are asking you to please give $3 each month to help with door prizes and other needs for our group.  We will use a portion of this money for a tip to our waitress if a gratuity is not added to your check.  I will make sure the waitress gets at least $1 per person or more if the proper funds are available.  If a gratuity is added you will only be asked to donate $2.
Common Ground Singles will meet Saturday, May 16th at 5pm.
First Assembly of God Fellowship Hall-Follow the Signs to the location
This month is movie night!
Free admission - donations greatly appreciated! 
For more info you can contact Melody at 770 519-2251 or Jane at 770 584-0763
A lot more info about this meeting is posted on their website at:
Good friends are the rare jewels of life - difficult to find and impossible to replace!
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