The Dream Sequence
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On the night of May 30th 1996 I had one of the strangest dreams of all time. It was so strange I just had to get it down on paper. In the beginning of the dream my family and I were getting ready to watch a movie. The whole house was dark and all I could see was the back of everyone's heads. "Kids Incorporated's in here!" My brother Dan told me knowing that I watch their show all of the time. I responded in disbelief. "No they're not!" I set my eyes on the T. V., which was covered in black shapes on the left and lower side of the screen. The rest was one huge fireball. The cream color credits that start out small and grow bigger have started to roll. The first name to appear was, was Whoopi Goldberg's? And finally in large print it read Kids Incorporated and underneath in a smaller print was a list of all the band members.

Enter the deception if you dare!
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