Amanda's Angels

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    Amanda is a young girl who lives in the country with her parents and siblings.  One spring Saturday morning Amanda was in the garden helping her grandma pull weeds.   "Grandma when we're done can we go for a walk in the woods?"  Amanda loves going for nature walks.  Even more than her tomboyish younger sister.

     Amanda's Grandma smiled at her.  "Sure as soon as we're done we'll go for a walk in the woods.  But First lunch."  Amanda nodded and went back to work.

     Just after lunch Amanda and her grandma headed out on their walk in the woods.  About five  minutes into their walk they reached a medow in the center of the woods.  "This is where the angels come to pray."  Amanda said as she twirled with her arms spread out and her eyes shut.  Slowly her head leaned backwards and a sunbeam shined on her.  Her cream - colored skin  seemed to glow as her hair danced in a cool breeze. 

    A light laughter filled the air.  Her grandma watched as she continued to dance.  A cool breeze passed her grandma sending chills down her spine.  "Ok Amanda it's time to go."  Her grandma held out her hand. 

     Amanda looked back and waved.  "Bye angels."  She said with a smile as her grandma led her back home.
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