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Full Story



Days Before April 2002

The New Continent

Who's The Winner?



After Princess Cinderella married with Prince, they live with the Seven Dwarfs in the NDC Castle happily. Somehow later, they got a son - Prince and founded the 7A Dynasty. King dealt with diplomatic events while Queen Cinderella, her gods and ministers tackle the civil problems. This utopian world had continued for many years. However, revolutionary changes are come in the year 2002... (TOP)  

What happened in the year 2002?

Peace is treasurable. But there is never have forever peace in the world. In 2002, a stranger finds a new continent called the eight universities. Every castle want to conquer this new land because it is fertile and have unlimited natural resources except, Cinderella. Although Cinderella didnt want to make war with other dynasty, she was forced by the supreme god to do so. She will no longer allow staying in the NDC castle if she cant fight for any land in the new continent. So Cinderella led her knights (also called candidates) to join this battle battle of a-level examination. (TOP)

Preliminary Trainings

Unfortunately, Cinderellas knights were very weak because they have stay in a utopian world for so long. Luckily, gods and ministers are always with her. To upgrade themselves, candidates then participated in many courses and activities which in charged by the ministers and leading by gods. These trainings can increase their mentality, physical ability, confidence, cooperation and team spirit. (TOP)

The Beginning

The 8-universities are so called because this new continent was really divided into 8 parts with each called a university. Each part is subdivided into smaller sections called faculties, such as business faculty and engineering faculty. Castles then join in the battle in favor to the faculties they wanted. Among the 8 Us, HKU and CUHK are the largest followed by HKUST. These are also the richest lands and so were competed vigorously by the best castles with best candidates. How about the 7A Dynasty? Well, the army was under the battle of business faculty with majority of them fought for lands CityU. (TOP)

Who is the Winner?

The winner of the battle a-level examination is, of course, the HKEA, who generate abundant revenue by selling uncountable number of weapons called Past Papers. Past papers are well-known, powerful chemical weapons during the war although it does not have any physical defeat. The proper use of these weapons is to swallow them. The mentality of knights can increase suddenly without digesting the papers. Thats why theyre so popular within that time.

In May 2002, this horrible war finally ended. The survivors are welcomed with triumphal greetings. They also will be honored with a degree and live in one of the paradise like U for 3-4 years. After that, a certificate will be given to them, which can guarantee a decent career for their life. On the other hand, the losers havent die. Instead, some of them will also be honored with an associated degree or a high diploma. The rest may choose either fight again the next year or get out of war to lead a simple life.

Although Ministers gods and Candidates in 7A Dynasty, who fought together once upon a time, will now separate to different places, their friendship will continue forever and forever. (TOP)


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