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I created this site less as a vehicle for self promotion (I have a job!) than as a way to reach out to other people who might have similar interests, regardless of whether they happen to live in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area or on the other side of the globe. For I firmly believe that the Web has created a world without barriers, and I consider myself in every sense to be a citizen of that world.

That being said, my Homepage provides less of a bio than a not totally indiscrete profile of who I am, supplemented by a
photo album with more or less personal pics of me and my interests and travels. 

In addition, the site contains a number of essays on topics of interest to me (point and click on the highlighted words on the Homepage or select the essay from the list box that is located on the right hand side at the top of the page).

The pieces I've written include an essay about the evolution of my intrest in art and others on some of the contemporary artists whose work I've been collecting. Beyond that, there is an essay with my thoughts on the art of cooking, leading to a small selection of recipes you might enjoy making, regardless of whether you are cooking for one or two, or for a whole gang. 

As the site grows, who knows what I might add. . .

And, of course,  like everyone else, I provide
links to sites near and dear to my heart.  In this case, they range from links to my gym and the school where I learned to sail, to links to Gay and Activist organizations and charitable organizations I think worthy of support; there is also a link to the web page of my church, and links to the sites of those contemporary artists I like, who happen to have a web site of their own. I've also included links to some of the public and commercial galleries in the metropolitan Washington area that I frequent; and finally, I've included several links of a more psychological nature--for those who share my interest in self discovery and the exploration of what makes the people around them tick.

For those that want more, I've included links to my favorite search engines, ranging from the encyclopedic Google to engines with a more targeted purpose.
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Last updated November 6, 2005
Welcome to a Snapshot of Matt
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