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      Once upon a time, I had 3 children involved with the Calmar 4-H club.  They had to choose a project like beef, cooking, sewing, woodworking, small engine repair and so on.  Since we lived in Devon, a small town, a beef project was out.  That left ten other choices.  My adventurous children chose a rabbit project.  We started out with 2 American Fuzzy Lops and 2 Netherland Dwarfs.  Over the years, we have also raised Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Havanas, English Angoras, English Lops and one Jersey Wooly.  Eventually my children graduated out of 4-H and their interest in rabbit breeding.  I, however, enjoyed having baby bunnies around and inherited the hobby.

My litte barn has a constant stream of visitors.  It sits on the back corner of our lot and can house 20 rabbits.  Adjacent to the barn is a very prolific garden, compliments of my rabbits :)  My barn is insulated and I can plug in a heat lamp on very cold days.  In the summer, I try and keep the smell and flies down to prevent offending any neighbours. 

Over the year, I have won many legs, but when I was diagnosed with cancer, I had to cut down to one breed.  At present time, I am trying to develop some winning Netherland Dwarf stock, mostly in BEW, Chestnuts, Siamese Smoke Pearl, Sable Points, Himalayans, Siamese Sables and Chinchilla. 

The benefits of raising rabbits include: getting outside for fresh air and exercise, a fantastic garden, friends begging for bags of rabbit droppings, young people constantly visitng, friendships with fellow breeders, and lots of cute babies.  The disadvantages are: never getting rich raising rabbits, cleaning the barn and trying to find a market for your pet quality rabbits.  They say that people with pets live longer.  If that's true, rabbit breeders should live happily ever after (or until death do us part).
                                     Margaret Sloan
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May 4th, 2004
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