Dao & Jim
About Dao: Dao is the youngest in the family of 7.  She came to the US back in the early 90's.  She was born in 1974, has 3 sisters and 3 brothers,  and now workingr for a Drafting and Design firm in Seattle, Washington as a CAD drafter.  Dao is very fun to be with because she has such sense of humor.
About Jim:  Jim is the son of Sylvia and the late James (Skeet) Kelly, Jr. formerly of Poulsbo, Washington.  He was born in 1965, has one sister, and now is employed by Boeing as a Buyer in Supply Management.  He just became a Commander in the Navy Reserves out of Bremerton, Washington.
How we metWe met through a personal ads on the net.  It's kinda funny how it turned out later that we're match for each other.  At that time, I was kinda dating someone else, then Jim responded to the  ads that I posted for long time ago...as a joke (cause reading the ads..it wasn't serious).  We agreed just to be friend at first..cause I was still involved with someone else....far away.  Jim and I kept emailing each other back and forth and I thought that would be a good ideas to hook him up with one of my best friend.  Well, on the day that we all went out to see him (me and my best friend), his appearant and nervoursness had captured my attention, although I still was a match maker.  Turned out, he wasn't quite my best friend type, so we hooked up after that; and of course I was available at that time.  We had dated for about 10 months then he proposed to me.
The proposal:  It was on New Year Day's evening, and I wasn't expected it would came at all.   Althougt I know it would come on Valentine's Day, so I was shocked when he actually did.  I was in his car waiting for the car to get warm up before he could leave my place.  So we were just talking and right after I was about to get out of the car to come back in the house, he went over to open the car door for me which was odd, but still, I hadn't suspected anything.  Right before I put my foot on the floor, he slowly kneel down and hold my hand...and I remembered asking him " What are you doing?" knowing that my neighbor would be watching us.  He defensed for his action by saying that he loved me and wouldn't mind to let people know...then still I thought that he was drunk...but he hasn't drink any alcohol....?????  Then we got interrupted by some body driving in the parking lot..so he came back in to the car...and still I didn't know what was going on....and that was pretty much it.  Pretty funny hah?

Dao and Mom
Wedding Photos
Our Reception Photos:
Our page is not completely done.  I'm still working on it as i'm learning on my own how to make a web page.  So, just the basic homepage.  Hope that you'll enjoy it.  Thanks.  Dao.
Trip to Vietnam
(non-wedding photos)
The Wedding Day:  April 13th, 2002
Misc. Photos
The quality of some new added photos didn't turn out good.  I have to re-scan it again when possible.  Thanks all for visiting my homepage.
The Excitement:  Jim + Dao = Baby Jessica 
                          (February 11th, 2005)
Baby Jessica
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