Tournament Rainouts:

Tournament rainouts will be made up the following day.   Probably at the same park.  We will simply have to push all the games back a day.

Rainouts during a tournment are very difficult, and may result in playing at later times, or having multiple games on one day, or even playing on Sunday.  We will try to keep these brackets updated.  However, lacking an updated bracket, plan on being at the rained out park the following day. 

Seeds are determined based on regular season records.  Tie records are handled in two ways:
 - If the place of the tie will result in a trophy for the season, then a tiebreaker is played.
 - If the place does not have a season trophy at stake, then head to head, and finally a coin toss are used to determine the seeds. 

The following are the number of trophy positions for the regular season.
 - 3 trophy positions for 8 Coach.
 - 2 trophy positions for all other age groups.

North Cherokee Youth Softball
Tournament Schedules

Updated: May 20, 2008

6 Coach
ver 3
7 Coach
ver 4
8 Coach
ver 3
10 Slow
ver 4
18 Slow
ver 3
10 Fast
ver 3
12 Fast
ver 3
14 Fast
ver 3
18 Fast
ver 4

Tournament Brackets are now ready!

ALL Tournament games have been re-scheduled 
due to rain outs on the 20th.

Please be sure to view your updated bracket.

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