Rip Van Winkle Travel Soccer Club
Soccer Registration
                     Team practices will begin Feb 28, 2009
             Professional Training will be starting May 1 and 2
             Contact your coach for your teams dates and times         
Travel Fees
Registration fee: U12 $70.00,U14 $75.00,U16 $80.00 and U17 $85.00
Pays for all club cost for insurance, CDYSL fees and season cost

Players may participate in indoor sessions/tournaments only

Fund-Raiser fee:  $40.00
Pays for professional training sessions per team and one tournament

Uniform fee:     $50.00
   Uniforms are yours to keep and reuse every year.

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A travel team has little in common with our summer program.  First, travel soccer is classified as a "Competitive" level soccer.  Players must try out for a travel team; no one is assured a spot.  Second, our travel coaches have the skills to bring you to that "competitive" level.  You will learn ball mastery, team play, technique and finishing.  Third, there is no minimum playing time requirement; the amount of playing time for each player is at the sole discretion of the coach.  Players are expected and required to attend practices or risk losing their spot on the team...Travel soccer is for the "serious" soccer player.

The travel season begins in March and ends in the latter part of June.  Each player will be responsible to purchase a uniform to keep after the season comes to an end.  Socks, shin guards and cleats are also the responsibility of each player, as well as transportation to and from games.  Remember... this is a
travel team.

Technical training from experienced coaches is offered through out the
  Each team will participate in an outdoor tournament during the season.

We now are offering the opportunity for players  to participate in the indoor sessions at Afrim's in Albany and encourage our teams to participate in winter tournaments.

Cost for indoor sessions and some tournaments will be the responsibility of the team in addition to the club's  registration fee

We offer the following teams:    Most teams are Div 3 and higher
    U12 Boys       U12 Girls
    U14 Boys       U14 Girls
    U17 Boys       U17 Girls
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