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In April of 1997, we were planting an herb garden and noticed some wonderful little yellow birds at our neighbors feeder. They turned out to be American Gold-finches, and in a matter of hours we had gone to the store and had our very own thistle feeder---and a tree full of Goldfinches.  We were hooked!!!!

Since that time, we have seen around 330+ more species of birds in the east and have expanded our birdwatching into butterfly watching and looking for wildflowers---and anything else that moves, breathes, or is pretty!

We wonder how we were so blind in the past!  We live in a wonderful place---the Foothills of North Carolina, where the mountains meet the piedmont.  There are so many native creatures and plants that we never knew existed until now.  This page is to show some of those and to share our natural beauty with all of you.
Black Tiger Swallowtail on Flowering Crabapple
at South Mountains State Park
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