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A Win/Win solution to Telemarketing for Consumers and Businesses!



The National Consumer Telemarketing Group has been formed to ensure that consumers who receive telemarketing calls are compensated for their time! As a consumer who joins NCTG, you will earn cash for each telemarketing call that you listen to. NCTG creates and maintains an account for you without doing anything additional! What better way to earn extra cash that always is always useful. Click Here to sign up! If you can spare the membership fee, there is no reason not to join.



The National Consumer Telemarketing Group will provide you with telemarketing lists containing consumers guaranteed not to hang up! Studies show that consumers who listen to a sales pitch are more likely to buy with NCTG lists, you are getting consumers who want to listen! Furthermore, you can select according to various criteria the consumers that you wish to receive on your list. Click Here to sign up or request a list!




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