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      Wampum Chapter Members at McConnell's Mill State Park

The Wampum Chapter of the NCTA is working closely with the National Park Service to build and promote the North Country National Scenic Trail in Lawrence and Beaver Counties in Pennsylvania. The North Country NST will be the country's longest National Scenic Trail. When it is completed, it will be over 4,000 miles long.

The North Country Trail in Lawrence and Beaver Counties travels through a variety of environments, including McConnell's Mill State Park, PA State Game Lands 148, and PA State Gamelands 285. Here in western Pennsylvania, the trail shows its true beauty. Many historic and educational sites exist along the route. Examples of these would be Watt's Mill in PA State Game Lands 285, the borough of Wampum, and the Big Beaver Borough Wetlands project.


Vision Statement
of the North Country Trail Association for the North Country National Scenic Trail


     "Our Vision for the North Country National Scenic Trail is that of a premier footpath of national significance, offering a superb experience for hiking in a permanently protected corridor, traversing and interpreting the richly diverse environmental, cultural, and historic features of the northern United States."







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