1992 Nissan Maxima SE 5 speed 

stock VE engine, owned by Jacob 
Engine DOHC 24 valve V6
Size 3 liters / 181 cubic inches
Horsepower 190 hp @ 5600 rpm
Torque 190 ft-lbs @ 4000 rpm
Stroke 3.27
Bore 3.43
Redline 6700 rpm
Compression Ratio 10:1
Brakes 4 wheel disc brakes
Differential VLSD
Wheels 15 x 6.5 alloy
Curb Weight 3129 lbs.
Length 187.6 inches
Width 69.3 inches
Height 55.1 inches
Wheel Base 104.3 inches
Front Head Room 39.5 inches
Front Leg Room 43.7 inches
Rear Head Room 36.9 inches
Rear Leg Room 33.2 inches
Fuel Capacity 18.5 gallons
City EPA 21 mpg
Highway EPA 26 mpg
1/4 mile 15.2 sec @ 91 mph
0-60 mph 6.7 sec
0-100 mph 18.9 sec
Top speed 141 mph

 Stock dyno

The 3rd Gen

My car is a 1992, which falls in the category of a third generation maxima, which includes the years from 1989 to 1994.  Additionally, my car is an SE which is the sport edition of the model, the other being the GXE which is the luxury edition.  Extra features include: Bose audio system, dual power leather seats, power mirrors, windows, and door locks, power tilt/sliding sunroof, A/C, cruise control, fog lights, white sport guages, and SE spoiler.  This particular car falls in the 1992-1994 SE class, which has a variable timing control and a full four wheel independent suspension.

Nissan came out with a major advertising campaign for the third generation Maxima. "Four Door Sports Car" was the name chosen to represent this generation. What makes it a 4DSC?  Maybe it's the lack of a cup holder...  Unless removed, every third generation Maxima has a 4DSC rear window emblem denoting "Four Door Sports Car."   It's agility and power were two items boasted.  Particularly in 1992, when the high output VE30DE DOHC engine with variable timing control was introduced for the SE models, the Maxima passed the quarter mile mark in 15.2 seconds, got to 100 mph in less than 19 seconds, and easily reached 138 mph. (Car & Driver, August 1991).  There is not a speed governor equiped, thanks to the stock z rated tires.  In addition to it's power, the third generation offers a full four wheel independent suspension, which is something 4th and 5th gen maximas lack.
First Generation 1981-1984
Second Generation 1985-1998
Third Generation 1989-1994
Fourth Generation 1995-1999
Fifth Generation 2000-Present

Brakes:Stillen slotted rotors, Stillen Metal Master brake pads, Motul 600 brake fluid
Performance:  Advanced timing
Appearance:  Fog light rewire, Corner light rewire
GXE vs SE Comparison
GXE models: 
VG30E SOHC engine generating 160 hp and 182 ft lbs of torque 
Standard keyless entry below each front door handle 
6 inch rims 
Body color mirrors 
No spoiler, no driving lights 
Single tipped exhaust 
Black gauges 
Rear drum brakes 
Standard automatic transmission (no 5 speed available) 
Softer suspension 
Chrome around the windows and front grill 
Regular two-spoke steering wheel 
button to open trunk 
SE Models: 
Tighter suspension, thicker sway bars 
Dual tipped exhausts
Black rear view mirrors 
Rear disk brakes 
Standard 5 speed transmission (automatic optional) 
6.5 inch rims 
Driving lights 
White gauges 
Sport leather steering wheel 
DOHC high output engine on 92 - 94 SE models 
1992-1994 SE:  (SE model only - GXE remains same) 
VE30DE DOHC engine generating 190 hp and 190 ft lbs of torque 
VLSD (viscous limited slip differential) 
Red rear end 
Meshed front grill with Nissan logo in center. 
Heated side mirrors 
Came with V rated tires (up to 149 mph) 
speedometer to 145 mph, tachometer to 6700 rpm redline 
All Models:
Standard alloy wheels- 6.5 inch on the SE, 6 inch on the GXE 
Four wheel independent suspension 
Power windows, locks 
Power/Comfort button for Automatic Transmissions 
Cruise Control 
Air conditioning 
Standard security system 
Rear window defrost 
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