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This month's General Meeting will be held at Dimitri's Restaurant at 1830 Snow Rd. in Parma at 07:15pm. 
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NCSS Skippers
From the Quarterdeck
First, a couple of reminders: The General NCSS Meeting has been changed to
Thursday, August 20th due to a scheduling conflict at Dimitri�s. The Nominating
Committee for the 2010 NCSS Officers will be formed at this meeting consisting
of two members of the Executive Board and three members in good standing, per
Section 2 A of our Bylaws. Nominations will be made during the September and
October meetings with the elections held in the November meeting. Members are
strongly encouraged to attend these important meetings. Also, the November
Meeting has been moved to November 19th due to another scheduling conflict at
We have a great boating agenda and other events for August, so let�s fill all the
boats and enjoy the fun and comradeship this club offers. Again, Jean Gzybowski
and Geri Moner are to be congratulated for saving a black lab from certain drowning
off C Dock at Spitzer�s Lakeside.
NCSS crew is encouraged to complete a safe boating course
There are three ways to do this classroom, Internet, and home study.  Internet and home study can be done for free.  For more info check out our
The 20th Regatta review and results
Chicago is not the only windy city; the Regatta was looking like a washout, but then the skies cleared and the boats were filled with crew and went out to race. We then discovered the amount of shelter that was provided back at the marina, as the skies were clear but it was still blowing, Two boats turned around before leaving the break wall and one more before the race started. So now Lorain is also a windy city.
I want to thank Sharon and her crew for the great job they did. The lunch and dinner were both great. Man! Talk about a lot of food! We also had a DJ help us dance the night away. The Regatta provides our members a great bang for their buck. This year trophies were replaced with some great mugs that were awarded to all who went out on the water, as well as some great certificates for those that placed. Some members have stated that they framed their certificates and hung them on the wall, after all, it took some sweat equity to earn them.

Rick Billheimer

Name                      BoatName      Rating   Elapsed Time           Hdcp Time         Position
Adoryan Steve         Free Energy   195        Did not Finish
Barth Charles        Crazy Horse  120        1 hr 19.56 min      1 hr 19.56 min     2
Billheimer Rick        Gray Fox       234         Did not Finish
McGuinness John   Silver Fox    150         1 hr 04.35 min      1 Hr 01.59 Min     1 
Nossaman Lynda     Wind Song    195          Did not Finish
Radio Communications for Skippers
Chucks DSC-capable Radio sparked some interest, but not all skippers have those
radios. So after brain storming with a few skippers the following is suggested:
We will use channel 72 as our channel for communication. Most skippers
monitor channel 16. So when you want to establish contact, hail a fellow
skipper on channel 16 by calling �NCSS, NCSS, NCSS this is (your boat
name).� Any skipper that receives such message will respond �This is NCSS
switch to channel 72�. Any and all skippers that hear that call would be encouraged
to turn to channel 72 also. Also you may want to switch to channel 72 once
in a while to see if anyone is already there. This is a start we will see how it works
and try to perfect it during the season.
�Rick Billheimer, Boat Owner�s Chairman
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