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The new NCRTV is under serious reconstruction. Dann's website was just great, but it's easier for me to keep it fresh and updated if I rebuild it in a manner I'm familiar with.

First off, who says the web is just for the big stations? Valdese's WSVM (We Serve Valdese and Morganton) has hit the web. WSVM is a great station to listen to, with the original jingles from the 50's or maybe even the 40's.

The former Katie Country (Pinetops/Rocky Mount)is currently an urban/gospel/national anthem station. Interpsersed within the music is a simple liner proclaiming "95.5" in a decidedly non-urban voice. Is this the final format? First Media is the new owner and they continue to buy up other properties.

Star 104.7 (Charlotte) gave way to K104.7 on December 26th, an oldies/lite hybrid kind of thingy. 104.7 has been a dog ever since they dropped the Mix format.

Triad TV Lackluster
According to the Business Journal of the Triad, WS-G'bo-HP television owns 27.1 percent of the ad dollars in the nation's 44th largest Ad market. Newspapers own the lion's share with 48%, while radio claims 25.2%. The national average for TV is 30.9%. Read more about it here (requires FREE registration)

RDU Radio trends

WQOK-FM 8.9-8.0
WQDR-FM 7.6-7.4
WDCG-FM 6.6-6.6
WFXC/WFXK 6.2-6.5
WNNL-FM 6.4-6.1
WPTF-AM 5.9-6.1
WRAL-FM 6.1-5.8
WRDU-FM 4.0-3.9
WDUR/WTRG 3.4-3.8
WRSN-FM 3.6-3.7
WBBB-FM 4.5-3.5
WJMH-FM 1.4-2.0
WKXU-FM 2.0-1.9
WRBZ-AM 1.5-1.8
WYMY-FM 1.3-1.8
WWMY-FM 1.5-1.4
More to come, we just got a new PC and I'll be updating and ship-shaping the page as quickly as possible. Thanks!
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