This is the rough draft of the propsed improvements to the greenbelt.  (Once the architect has given us his design, we will post it here.)
The greenbelt committe meets on Wednesdays at 5pm at the Starbucks.  All interested parties are invited.
Notes from the field:
*We looked at some ramada and play area designs and colors that we felt would be best suited for the area.  These are not final decisions, merely something to give to the landscape architect for design purposes.  The colors we felt that would be best were a light tan/khaki color roof structure with a dark green pole or some combination of the two colors.  We thought this would be the least obtrusive color combination to the area yet looked nice and would compliment the landscape.  Ken will continue to work with the landscape architect to get the drawing completed for submission to the board and ultimately to APS and El Paso Gas for approval.  (20 April 2002)
*Landscape architect is still in progress with researching and acquiring the appropriate plat maps and information necessary to complete the drawings for the greenbelt area.  (20 April 2002)
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