Fishing Main Page
Welcome to my fishing page.  I've got info here on catfish, a partially completed page on carp, and I plan to have all the fish pages completed soon.  The fishing pages all follow the same format, but this should make it easier on for the viewer.  After you finish looking at the page, let me know what you think in the Guestbook on the main page.
The Basics
Here, learn basic info on casting, spooling, and general usage of spinning reels, as well as advanced info on the use of baitcasters.  If you don't know how to cast a baitcaster, or you are becoming a professional 'nest maker', this is just the place for you!  Also, if you're new to fishing, you've found the right place...I have info on the knots you need to know, and basic rigs as well as the above stated rod and reel info.
Fish Pages
The fishing pages are all in the same format; there is basic information on the species in general, a section on equipment used for the species, bait the species like, and tactics on when and where to catch them.  At the bottom of the page, there is a section that covers subspecies of the covered fish.  Not all of the pages are built yet, but the ones that will link are done or almost done.
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