Heather's Life

HI, I'm Heather Harper, born to Ronnie & Teresa in 1978 in Goldsboro, NC. I am the oldest of 6 children. Next comes Joseph, in 1979, also in Goldsboro. Then Heidi, in 1982 in Germany, followed by April in 1984 in Honolulu, HA. Then in is Ben in 1986, also in Goldsboro, but almost in Hawaii. Last, but not least is Tyler Gurley, in 1992, in Goldsboro. We are a large family, but we still all hang out like good friends. We are very close.

If it isn't obvious, my father was in the military. We've been to Germany, Washington, Hawaii, and New York, but we always seem to come back to NC, where most of our family is. In 1989, while serving a year long tour in Korea, our father passed away. It was a very tough time, but we were here with family at least. After that, my mom bought a house in Rosewood, where she's been ever since.

Now, in my eyes, my father was the best I could ever hope for. Of course, I got spoiled, being his first born. He was a medic in the Army, but he always found alot of time to spend with us. His passions were photography and music. He payed the guitar in a rock band, and was very good. He was always taking pictures or filming us. I'm just thankful that we have so many home videos to watch of our childhood. He also was very into technoogy. He was always the first to get new electronical gadgets. I really take after him there. He is missed greatly.

A couple years after he died, my mom married Brian, but he wasn't ready to take on such a large family. They had Tyler about a year later, then divorced when he was 5. After that, mom got a job as a teacher at Edgewood Developmental School for the handicap. She loves it. Last year she married Eddie West. She is now on leave, taking care of her mother, since my grandfather passed away in December. My father's father passed away many years ago, when he was young, but he did have a wonderful step-father, who we called Dob. He also passed away a few years ago. My father's mother, Helen is a wonderful lady. She lives in Mt. Olive, and I don't get to see her as much as I should. One more person to mention. Johnathon Berard is the 2 year old son of Heidi & Robert Berard. He is my nephew, and he's the cutest thing. :)

UPDATE!! I got married Feb. 5, 2005. His name is Brian & he is a wonderful person. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is from PA and is in the Air Force. We are moving to Hawaii next March. No kids yet, maybe in a couple of years.

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