The St. Lucia National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities, Inc. (NCPD)
The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities, Inc. was established in 1981 to commemorate the United Nations International Year of the Disabled. The Council has adopted as its mission the promotion of policies, programmes, practices and procedures for persons with disabilities and the empowerment of the disabled community to achieve equality, independence and economic self-sufficiency.


The Council's goal has continuously been one of providing for the betterment of its disabled clients. In order to accomplish this we have undertaken the following measures:

� Completing a draft policy document on behalf of persons with disabilities.

� Ongoing public awareness campaigns and advocacy through school, churches, clubs, and the media.

� Fostering and strengthening relationships with district councils, member organizations,
Community Development Officers (CDO's) and Community Health Aides (CHA's)

�Fostering and strengthening relationships with local, regional and international organizations and businesses

�Establishing local councils in communities to increase participation and projects at a grassroots level.

�Registering and gathering pertinent information about persons with disabilities throughout St. Lucia.

�Increasing fundraising efforts

�Establishing training workshops in computers, sewing, small business skills, care of persons with disabilities and other skills for persons with disabilities and the larger community to encourage personal and economic independence.
Persons with Disabilities working on a short-term employment program
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