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Introducing some of  our  products for educational institutions
We have been partners with the academic institutions in Information Technology since 1989.
RSAID - Registration and Student ID System
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RSAID is a school registration system and student ID generator. Now you can keep and integrate relevant information of your students like outstanding balances, permanent records, personal records and latest photo for ID printing purposes.
GradeMaster is an electronic class record and student report card generator software.

Now,  teachers only need to input raw scores from quiz and test results once. Average grades are automatically calculated and transferred to the class records, on to the student report card and finally to registrar's permanent record, through your Novell or Windows NT network.
Other services
Contract PC/Network maintenance/administration
BookMinder and BookFinder
A front-end and back-end library automation system. Back end system allows recording of all your library assets from books, journals, CDs and other multimedia items.
It also records library borrowers and movements of items in and out of the library.
Accounting, payroll, accounts receivables and inventory systems
Custom software development
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Systems Integration
Website construction and maintenance
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