If you get contacted by NCO financial services, do not pay them.

Pay the company you owe directly. Paying NCO financial services will 
not be better than paying the company directly.

NCO financial services will lie to you and tell you that you must pay them.
Pay your company directly.

If you get repeated phone calls from them, file a complaint against them.

NCO violates several laws by harassing you like this. If you file a complaint
about them, it will help.

You can file a complaint at bbb.org online 
-easy. bbb.org or by mail 

And make sure to file a complaint with the 
Consumers's Affair office
Fair Debt Act office
Fair Debt collection Act office

Or your local province/state's office which handle's "Fair Debt" practices, or "Consumer Protection"

NCO has many records with the BBB as being 
rude and misrepresenting (violating
the fair debt collection act) 

Original Business
Start Date:   

Local Business
Start Date:   

Michael Barrist, President

Local Phone Number:   
(800) 220-2274

Fax Number:   
(716) 404-2120

Membership Status:

TOB Classification:
Collection Agencies

The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or 
has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources.

Customer Experience

NCO Financial Systems has an unsatisfactory report with the
Bureau due to a pattern of complaints from consumers who
report dissatisfaction with the company's collection
practices. Consumers report that NCO staff were rude and in
some cases misrepresented themselves. 

NCO has not even submitted simple information
that the BBB asked them to submit.
This shows what a naive and unprofessional
company NCO really is
General Information


Telephone #:   
(780) 441-4000


Business Classification(s):
Collection Agencies

Customer Experience

The Bureau has not received a response to its request for basic information from this company.
Without this information, the Bureau cannot provide complete and current information concerning
such things as the company's management or its nature of business. 


If you get automated phone calls from NCO (they've been known to keep 
calling you even weeks, after you've paid them which is illegal).. You're only 
option is to file more complaints with the Police, BBB, etc. Or phone them after 
hours and leave your own automated messages on their machines telling them
to stop harassing you. (this can be done with any home PC, modem, and some

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