Francis Scott Key as a representative of the United States Government sails out to meet the British fleet to arrange for the exchange of the prisoners kept in the hold of the British sailing vessels. An agreement was made; the prisoners would be released in the morning. However, the British Commander stated it would not make a difference. For he had orders of the King to destroy the fort. It was offered to the Americans if they would lower the flag as a sign of surrendering that the British fleet would not open fire on the fort. Of course, the Americans did not lower the flag. All night long, the British fleet fired upon the fort. But by dawns early light the flag was still there. Although the entire British forces relentlessly bombarded the fort, the flag did not fall. However, the first cannon ball fired hit the flag. A brave young soldier ran out to hold the flag up. Even though it was certain death. All night as the flag and fort was hit with fire the people were killed. But another would take the flag even though they knew that they where going to die. By morning the pile of dead bodies were holding the flag up. It is said that, in respect for those brave souls that gave their life for the freedom of this country that we do not allow the flag to touch the ground.
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