A Boy's Eyes

"I'd like to be a Cub Scout"

(His eyes were clear and true)

"I'd like to learn and play and build,

Like Jim and Freddy do."

"I know how to use a hammer,

I can drive a nail if I try…

I'm 8 years old, I'm big and strong

And hardly ever cry."

I gave him the application

And parent participation sheet

(His eyes were filled with sunshine

As he left on dancing feet.)

Next day my friend was back again

A dejected little lad

"I guess I'll skip the cub scouts."

(His eyes were dark and sad.)

"My mom is awfully busy,

She has lots of friends, you see,

She'd never have time for a den,

She hardly has time for me."

"And dad is always working…

He's hardly ever there,

To give them any more to do

Just wouldn't be quite fair."

He handed me back the papers

With the dignity of eight years,

And smiling bravely left me.

(His eyes were full of tears.)

Do you see your own boy's eyes

As other people may?

How he looks when you're "too busy"

Or "just haven't time today"?

A boy is such a special gift…

Why won't you realize

It only takes a little time

To put sunshine in his eyes.

You say, "I'll start tomorrow"

But tomorrow is far away,

He's a boy for such a short time,

So won't you start today?

Author unknown
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