Pro-Euthanasia groups are currently trying to push euthanasia legislation through the house of Lords in the form of the Joffe Bill


In writing to Members of the House of Lords, and MPs, you can remind them of this week’s important opinion poll of British doctors. 61% state that they do not want euthanasia legalised – with a further 13% undecided. Most doctors are so opposed – some 76% - that they say that if euthanasia were legalised they would refuse to perform it. Not one single palliative care doctor who responded to the survey said they would be prepared to practice euthanasia or assisted suicide.

Professor Tim Maughan the director of Wales Cancer Trials Network at CardiffUniversity put it succinctly:“this is not what we became doctors to do.” This debate has been manufactured by lobby groups with a clear agenda. Despite all the publicity hypearound the tragic cases of Diane Pretty and Reg Crew, half the doctors who were surveyed said that in the past three years not a single patient or their relatives had requested euthanasia. 59% of the doctors said that the British Medical Association were right to resist moves to legalise euthanasia. The Hospice Movement has warned of the dire consequences. Dr.Nigel Sykes, Medical director of St.Christopher’s Hospice in
London says the Joffe Bill is “dangerous” and would “progress to mental illness. Euthanasia without express request will inevitably follow. Patients will be made to think that euthanasia is the decent thing to do.” The BMA’s opposition to the Joffe Bill has been joined by the Disability Rights Commission – who say it will endanger disabled people – and also by Help the Aged. But what will you do? Now is the time to speak out. We don’t need euthanasia, we need more resources for geriatric care and hospices. To die with dignity we don’t need doctors to kill us.

Write to Peers at the House of Lords,
London SW1A OPW. Further details are at or from Right To Life at [email protected] (0208 992 7657)  See also AnglicansAgainstEuthanasia

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