It’s pleasure to meet you all and first of all I will introduce me.  I am from a beautiful country called Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean.  Many many years ago it was called in so many names, like SERENDIB, CEYLAN, CEYLON etc.  It’s my fortunate to born in this paradise island as a Sinhalese Buddhist.  I am Niranjan Chaminda Karunathilake, as you read it on my Home Page.  My home village is Eheliyegoda, a lovely village with real tropical climate, where you can see bluish mountains, streams and chilly breeze and cold dew drops falling at the dawn with the singing birds.  In the background of this page, you are seeing my village, as it is viewed from my home garden.  The faraway mountain is called as EHELIYEGODA MOUNTAIN which ultimate goes to meet the SABARAGAMUWA mountains.  At times when cloudless sky appeares, you can see SAMANALA KANDA or ADAM'S PEAK over this mountain.  I have so many things to memorize to add my pride about the surrounding areas.  One thing is my home Province, SABARAGAMUWA and my home District, RATHNAPURA.  They possess a longer history than what might be explained in   MAHAWANSAYA.  With prehistoric fossils discovered from this area, its history goes beyond the known.  For its famous for the gems and precious stone, Sri Lanka was hailed all over the world as “RATHNADEEPA” or the land of gems.  The western world pronounced the world “RATHNADEEPA” as ‘SERENDIB”. 


I got my primary education at Eheliyegoda Primary and Central Colleges and qualified to enter the University of Sri Jayewardhanapura to follow Real Estate Management and Valuation (Special) Degree program.  Now, I am working at M.D. Gunasena & Co. Ltd, an establishment, which begun its journey as a Printer, Publisher and Bookseller at the dawn of the 20th century.




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