This portion of my web site is dedicated to my musical side. My experience with Marching Percussion goes back to my 8th Grade year when I attended Newton-Conover Middle School. While in Middle School, the then High School Band Director Jim Stockner, selected certain students to assist the Newton-Conover High School Marching Red Devil Band as Band Managers and fortunately I was one of those chosen few. As a band manager, I worked hand-in-hand with the Drumline. Basically, I was a "roadie" so to speak. Prior to starting High School, a friend of the family introduced me to DCI (Drum Corps International) back in the summer of 1989. My 9th grade year I marched 3rd Bass Drum out of 4 Bass Drums. The remaining years in high school at Newton I played Snare. My 11th Grade year I was the Snare Section Leader. After High School, I then went on to Appalachian State University where I marched as a member of theMarching Mountaineers in 1996.

To be honest, I love teaching Marching Percussion just as much as playing it. I have been teaching Marching Percussion since 1990. I was a Freshman in high school when I started teaching. I was an assistant to my former high school band director , Jim Stockner, who by the way, is quite the accomplished percussionist! Anyway, through the years teaching with him, I have gained a great insight as to what teaching, especially in music, is all about. To him, I owe a great deal! I am formerly a Percussion Intructor for Newton-Conover High School (My Old School). High Schools I have worked with in the past include: Bandys HS, Albemarle HS; West, East, and South Rowan High Schools, A.L. Brown , Maiden HS, and West Iredell HS.

It has taken forever to get to, but I am currently in the process of updating my site. Thanks for dropping by!!!!!!

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