As of Friday 24 September 2004 I received my new K9 partner. His name is Bosco and he is a smaller framed German Shepherd Dog with a dark sable coloration. He and I have some getting used to one another before we can really work effectively as a team. K9 Bosco and I started Explosive Detector Canine School in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Saturday 25 September 2004 under the expert guidance of Sergeant Tim Loughman of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit and Explosive Detection Canine Team. Sgt. Loughman is a Master Trainer with the North American Police Work Dog Association and is the supervisor for the K9 Unit of Cumberland County Sheriff's Office. The training is sponsored by the North American Police Work Dog Association (N.A.P.W.D.A.)and Fayetteville Technical Community College. The school is 6 weeks in duration! At the completion of training, Bosco and I hopefully will be certified by NAPWDA as an Explosive Detection Canine Team. I will advise further at the end of school!


It is official, on Friday 8 October 2004, K9 Bosco and I graduated Explosive Detection Canine School. He and I are certified by the NAPWDA as an Explosive Detection Canine Team and we are the first such team for my agency. I am looking forward to a long and fruitful career with K9 Bosco.

(K9 Bosco in kennel)

(K9 Bosco - My Number 1 Bomb Dog!)


On Tuesday 30 November 2004, K9 Bosco and I completed certification procedures for the North Carolina Explosive Detection K9 Task Force which falls under the purview of the North Carolina Department of Homeland Security which is a directorate within the North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety headed up by Secretary Bryan Beatty. The Task Force will soon be operational within the next few weeks. The State Of North Carolina will be divided up into two regions: Western and Eastern Regions. Basically the State will be divided in half for purposes of Team deployment. This Task Force will be at the forefront of Homeland Security for the United States and in particular North Carolina!
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