Isabella and the Boerboel Breed

After doing some research on various giant breeds of dogs including the English Mastiff, Bullmastiff and others I decided on a rare giant breed - The Boerboel. The Boerboel breed originates from South Afica and is a mastiff TYPE dog NOT a mastiff mind you. The Boerboel is reputed to be quite the natural guardian and doesn't respond in that capacity unless there is a legitimate need to do so. They supposedly possess a 6th sense, if you will, and they are very in-tune with their family. For more information about the breed please visit the following site: South African Boerboel Breeders Association - SABT USA and Canada

My wife, Shannon, and I brought Isabella to our home on Saturday 1 November 2008 from Wilby Boerboels which is located in Harrisburg, North Carolina. Thankfully, we only had to drive about 60 miles plus to pick up our new girl. Being new to Boerboels I know that I have lots to learn about this wonderful breed of dog. I am hoping to acquire vast amounts of new knowledge over the months and years ahead. What follows are some photos of our Boerboel puppy, the great Isabella.

Is she not the best looking Boerboel pup ever?!? As of Wednesday 5 November 2008 , Isabella weighs 29.6 lbs and is 11 weeks old. She has quite a bit of growing up to do. My thanks goes out to Kate Nicholson of Wilby Boerboels for allowing us to have such a fine Boerboel!

Here is Isabella aka Bella at almost 6 months old. The two photos were taken on Tuesday 3 February 2009. She has grown by leaps and bounds. She is well over 50 pounds; however, I do not know her exact weight at present. Without further adieu here's Bella!

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