Welcome to the Computer Lab
1. Students must be supervised by a teacher at all times.
2. Enter the lab quickly and quietly.
3. Leave bookbags, notebooks, and books in your locker or classroom.
4. No gum, food, or drinks in the lab.
5. Stay in your assigned seat each day.
6. Wait for directions-follow all instructions as they are given.
7. Raise your hand if you need help. Do not call out.
8. Do not bring disks or CDs from home.
9. Printer area is off limits to students.
10. Leave computer area as neat as when you arrived.
11. Disobey the rules and it will cost you your computer time.
To Be Successful in the Lab Please Do the Following:
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Jan Holshouser, Technology Facilitator
Last Update: 3/10/05
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