Trail to the Wetlands
The "Trail" was constructed in the 80's; however, over the years hurricanes and ice storms severely damaged the trail, bridges, and classroom areas.  With the help of the Bright Ideas Grant I recieved in 2002, my family and I were able to clean the trail up and replace some of the bridges and classroom areas.  The United Way Grant I recieved in 2004 helped to add more classroom areas, additional bridges, and supplies for activities that the students will conduct this year as well as in the future.  Novozymes also helped by giving additional funds as well as allowing thier employees time to help work on the trail and give lessons to the students about soils, geology, and microbiology.
The Trail to the Wetlands is a valuable resource for our school as well as other schools.  This Trial will enable students to see first hand the interaction between man and the environment. The students will see the effects of erosion, learn about water quality and how to test it, and compare and contrast the weather temperatures in microclimates.  What better way to learn about the environment and ecology than in an outdoor classroom?
Students will not only learn about science, but they will also learn that there are real world connections to math, language arts, and social studies.  Professionals from the fields of environmental, ecological, microbiological, soils, and geology have allready visited the "Trial" and conducted hands-on acitivities with the students.  These professionals provide a valuable resource for the students not only by explaining to them what they are looking at and studying, but also by demonstrating that what they learn in school has value in the  real world.

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