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A Note From the Teacher
Welcome to 8th grade English Class.

You are expected to:
  1-Respect yourself
  2-Respect others and their

   Simple classroom rules were discusssed at the beginning of the school and have been posted in the classroom.  All procedures (how work is labeled and turned in, make-up work, etc.) have been discussed in class.  Refer to the student handbook for further information.  You may contact me at school or by e-mail.  The address is at the bottom of this section.

*** If a student is absent two or more days the parent may call the school office and request the work missed.
[email protected]
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEWS UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday Mornings, oh my!!!!!
Agendas checked on Monday for the previous week.
Reading Logs due Monday for the previous week.
Warm-ups done daily and turned in on Friday.
Phone conferences -- Call between 8:05 and 9:15 AM -- planning time
Parent/Teacher Conferences -- call 704-436-9302.  Sharon Duncan will schedule an appointment for you.

EOG Testing -- May 10,11,12.

AR Deadline -- May 12

Awards Day and 8th grade picnic -- May 20

Exam Days -- May 24 and 25.  These are half days.

5-12-05  AR
             2nd and 3rd -- video
             4th -- Yearbook signing

5-13-05   Carowinds (Those not attending will have work to complete.)

5-16-05  EOG scores given to students.
             AR incentive for those who earned it.
             EOG work pg. 141 #1-13 and pages 146-157 #1-13.

5-17-05  Went over questions in review for exam.
             Dismantled portfolios.  Work given to students.

5-18-05  Exam review
             Collected Lit. books

May 19 and 23 - Exam Review and tie up loose ends.

Tues. May 24 - Exams for 3rd and 4th blocks.

Wed. May 25 - Science exam and 2nd block exam.






       Spring is bursting out all over!!!!
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