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Creating better citizens for America
Richard S. Hefner, Colonel
USAF (Ret.)
Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
NC-051 Mission Statement

To build better citizens for our future by emphasizing the value of education; displaying proper military bearing, teamwork, and tenacity; and
by learning and applying the principles
of self-discipline, self-sacrifice, and
good leadership.
(Developed by NC-051 cadets)
Class grading criteria

AS-I, II:        Academics                    25%
                    Uniform                        25%
                    Bearing/Effort                25%
                    Drill                              25%

AS-III:          Academics                    20%
                    Uniform                        20%
                    Bearing/Effort                20%
                    Drill                              20%
                    Staff work                     20%

AS-IV:          Ldrshp effectiveness       40%
                    Role Model                    40%
                    Journals                        10%
                    Term Papers                  10%
A typical week's schedule

Monday:         Drill/Leadership/Bearing
Tuesday:        Academics/Staff Work
Wednesday:    Uniform Inspection/Drill
Thurdsday:     Academics/Staff Work
Friday:           Athletics/Physical Conditioning
Eligibility Requirements:

1.  Must be willing to accept military customs,
     courtesies, and discipline.
2.  Must be physically fit, capable of performing drill and
     taking normal high school physical education classes.  3.  Must be willing to wearing the U.S. Air Force uniform
     and conform to appearance and bearing standards.
AFJROTC is designed by the USAF to be a three semester course; however, there is an optional fourth semester for cadets selected by the senior instructor.

Courses taught:

AS-I:     All students begin at this level
             Basics in drill and uniform wear
             History of Aviation
AS-II:    NCO leadership and responsibilities
             Drill and uniform wear
AS-III    Officer Leadership and responsibilities
             Space physics and physiology
             Drill and uniform wear
AS-IV:   Group Leadership
             Drill and uniform wear       
Current semester schedule:

1st period:    D Flight, AS-Is
2nd period:   E Flight, AS-Is
3rd period:   
Planning (best time to call)
4th period:    F Flight, AS IIs and IIIs
Typical week of after school events

Monday - Drill Team
Tuesday - Fancy Drill Team and Air Elite
Wednesday - Drill Team
Thursday - Fancy Drill Team and Air Elite
Methods of contact:
     School phone: 740-786-0125          Email:  [email protected]
James E. Barrier, III, MSgt.
USAF (Ret.)
Aerospace Science Instructor
Class Rules and Expectations

1.  Obey all CCHS rules and guidelines
2.  Conform to AFJROTC customs, courtesies, and training requirements.
3.  Properly wear the Air Force uniform
4.  Sit in assigned seats
5.  Stand at the position of "Attention" during Roll Call
     and Pledge of Allegiance
6.  Remain in classroom until dismissed
7.  Keep desk and classroom clean
8.  Take latrine breaks at appropriate times
9.  There will be no gum chewing, sleeping, putting feet on chairs or   desks, use of profanity or vulgarity, or defacing of desks, walls or equipment
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