Founded by
the Randolph County Sheriff's Office
of North Carolina
Dear Parents,
      Your child is participating in the Child Abuse Reduction Effort Program.  The C.A.R.E. program will be presented in our class for sixteen weeks by officers of the Randolph County Sheriff's Department.
    The C.A.R.E. program teaches children, they have the right to feel safe at all times.  Providing students with a positive body concept, self-esteem, recognition of feelings, and assertiveness-tools all help them avoid becoming susceptible to abuse.

       There are two major themes which are repeated throughout the program:

      -  You have a right to feel safe at all times.

-  Nothing is so terrible that you cannot talk about it with
         a trusted adult.

       Children learn feelings are messages from their bodies which help them take care of themselves.  A trusted adult network is formed to help children identify those adults in their lives they can talk to about uncomfortable situations.  Children are taught to STOP, LISTEN, ACT and say NO,  then GO and TELL a trusted adult about any situation that causes the uncomfortable UH-OH feeling.

You are always welcome to come to the classroom and observe a C.A.R.E. class.  In December the children will graduate with a certificate of completion.  Please plan to attend this special ceremony.  The date and time will be announced.
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